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3 Reasons To Use CBD In Massage Therapy

Does using CBD oil for massage work?

In this stressful world, the build-up of impurities masks our natural health, happiness, and sense of well-being. These toxins result in the deterioration of normal body functioning. The blissful therapies, such as body massages not only restore the skin from within but relieve the pain, releasing the body tension.

Nowadays, there has been an explosion in products and services containing CBD, which is called a “miracle cure” for many symptoms, illnesses, and ailments. The scientific research has also kept pace with the inherently therapeutic, restorative, pain-relieving, and non-psychoactive properties of cannabidiol (CBD).

Infusing your massage rituals with CBD oil can lead you to the state of happiness & relaxation by stimulating your physical and mental health. The combination of massage therapies and CBD oil can reinvigorate, revitalize, and rejuvenate your body by healing your muscles and tendons.

Here are some of the reasons to use CBD in your massage therapies.


1.     CBD relieves Chronic Pain and Muscle Tension

The blend of CBD and massage therapies results in potential health benefits like relieving muscle tension and alleviating body pain. These body treatments have deeper, therapeutic purposes for healing and can improve the body’s vitality, immunity, and energy by de-stressing and relaxing you.

Chronic pain and muscle tension can be debilitating, but adding CBD oils into a regular massage routine can significantly help. Many studies reveal that CBD offers a myriad of therapeutic benefits for many chronic conditions like arthritis, muscle pain, neuropathic pain from injuries, and many more.

More research correlates the therapeutic effects of CBD with its anti-inflammatory properties. Evidence suggests that CBD can reduce inflammation and back pain by interacting with alpha-3 glycine receptors. In addition to reducing inflammation, CBD has shown to combat anxiety, increase the blood flow throughout affected areas, promote sleep, and soothe muscle tension.

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2.     CBD relieves anxiety and depression

Long work hours and extensive amounts of stress take a toll on your body by weakening your immune system, creating homeostatic imbalance, inducing fatigue, and muscular tensions. Massage therapies intend at a comprehensive balance of wellness to achieve sensual and spiritual bliss, and adding CBD into the mix can help unwind and relax even more.

Many studies have shown that CBD has potent anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties. Research suggests that CBD regulates the serotonin levels in the brain to treat anxiety and depression. High Supplies makes pure CBD oil that can completely transform your massage experience without getting you high.

When applied in appropriate doses, it can treat multiple disorders, including Post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. According to research, CBD produces a calming effect in the central nervous system and treats anxiety and insomnia.


3.     CBD is a boon for skin

CBD is beneficial for skin in numerous ways.

  • It can increase blood circulation by improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to make skin healthy and supple.
  • CBD comes loaded with anti-aging properties owing to the presence of antioxidants like Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These antioxidants halt the aging process, maintain firmness, and prevent sagging by reducing free-radicals and boosting collagen in the skin.
  • CBD is beneficial in the treatment and prevention of acne due to its ability to reduce sebum production and anti-inflammatory properties. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation reveals that CBD can produce a trinity of cellular activities. It prevents excessive sebum production, suppresses skin cell proliferation, and inhibits the activation of pro-acne agents like inflammatory cytokines. It can also help in the elimination of extreme cases of acne scars.
  • Evidence suggests CBD is a powerful antibacterial and has potent effects on hyperproliferative keratinocytes.

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Bonus – few more reasons to indulge in CBD massage therapy
  • It highlights sensory stimulation and improves the overall sense of well-being.
  • It enhances cognitive functioning, i.e., improves focus, memory, clarity, and attention.
  • It has neuroprotective properties that help reduce muscle spasms and epileptic seizures in people with multiple sclerosis.
  • It improves mobility, eases stiffness, and reduces swelling by lubricating the joints.
  • It nourishes skin by preventing dryness and protects from future damage.
  • It can be used as a moisturizer to protect the skin’s natural barrier and speed-up the cell regeneration process.
Final thoughts

Nothing is satisfying and relaxing than massage therapy, and the best way to understand its goodness is by experiencing it yourself. Implementing massage therapy with CBD oil is gaining momentum in the health and wellness world. These therapies increase blood flow in target areas suffering from sore muscles, discomfort, pain, and inflammation. In addition to psychological and physical benefits, these rituals lead to a refreshing, relaxing, and incredibly therapeutic experience for your body, mind, and soul. So, the next time you schedule a massage, try infusing CBD with it.


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