Animal Therapy for Schnauzer Dog with Arthritis

Case study of: (name and age of client) Molly – 8 year old Schnauzer

Details of treatment:

Molly is an 8 year old Miniature Schnauzer who suffers with separation anxiety and feels it’s her job to protect her loved ones from unknown threats. She barks excessively around the garden, and sometimes within the house if she can hear any noises. When she’s been left alone, she can be quite subdued when her mum returns and ‘sulks’. She also pants and drools. She deals with a lot of emotional stress due to seeing her owner in pain quite a lot as she suffers from MS.
Molly has begun to show signs of arthritis in her hind limbs and hips aswell as having a mild heart murmur. She has recently been checked by a Veterinarian.
Molly eats a balanced, healthy diet rich in meat and vegetables and takes Yumove joint supplements. She is an extremely loved dog and is very loyal and protective in nature.

Reiki – distance healing

Prior to beginning Molly’s treatment and spending time with her in person, I offered Molly several distant Reiki treatments which were very successful.
I connected to Molly through Reiki at a time when she was relaxing and free of distractions. I asked her to take whatever amount of healing she needed, assuring her it was for her highest good. I could envision Molly clearly in my mind and I used a surrogate toy dog to help me focus the energy using hand positions.

Sensing Mollys Energy – I could feel energy being taken to the top of her head, her solar plexus chakra, her heart and also her root. On one occasion there was a lot of tingling and buzzing around her left hip and leg. I sensed that Molly felt a bit sad. These treatments lasted around 20 – 30 minutes. I ended these treatments by thanking Molly for allowing her healing to take place and thanked Reiki also.

Feedback from Molly’s mum showed these distant treatments raised Molly’s spirits and even helped heal a small scab on her head which had been bleeding and formed a lump. The next day the lump had disappeared and she was playing happily outside.

Reiki Hands on – When it came time to treat Molly in person, I allowed myself to be relaxed, cleared my mind and sat in meditation for about 15 minutes. Also using Reiki for self healing to help balance myself and set the intention for Molly’s healing to go well.

I entered the room where Molly was laying, sat myself on the floor and connected to Reiki. I felt the energy filling the space around me and envisioned healing white light all around. I ensured she had access to fresh water and that she had the option to leave the room if she wished. I asked her permission to offer her Reiki and asked that she take as much or as little as she needed.
I began using my Reiki symbols and the energy in my hands intensified and Molly soon came over to see me, sniffing, and then went for a short wander and laid back down in close proximity. She maintained eye contact with me and was fidgety for a time. Then she settled again and let out some gentle sighs and licks, obviously enjoying the energy at a small distance. We stayed like this for about 25 minutes and then the energy began to dissipate and Molly became distracted. I thanked Molly for accepting the Reiki and gave her some cuddles.
Molly’s mum captured her reacting to my initial Reiki connection

Crystals & Aromatherapy

schnauzer and aromatherapy
The next time I visited Molly, I thought I would try a crystal massage and diffused a couple of drops of therapeutic grade lavender oil in the room to help relax her. She seemed very happy to see me, as if she knew I was bringing some calm into her space. I made sure windows were open and that the doors inside were open for her to move around as she wished, incase the aroma became too much for her. I also applied a drop of lavender into my hands with fractionated coconut oil which she seemed to love, having a sniff and trying to lick some. She started to appear quite relaxed and laid down beside me. Looking very impressed with her sneaky taste of lavender!


I had previously cleansed and charged my crystal collection under the full moon. Using Crystal healing I placed an amethyst, rose quartz and dalmation jasper in front of her to see if she was drawn to any. Amethyst for its calming relaxation, rose quartz for comfort and love, and the dalmation stone for overall healing and to encourage communication between us both.
She had a little look at each of them but just laid her head back down to rest, obviously she was accepting of the energies from them.

I sat with her for a little bit and placed my hand over her back and tried to communicate with her. I asked if she wanted to tell me anything, ready to note any new feelings occurring in my own body or any visuals or images, but all I sensed was peace.

quartz crystal
I then used a clear quartz wand to hover over her and massage in an anticlockwise direction from her root up to her crown, ensuring the round end was facing her, and the pointed end facing away and not at either of us. Allowing the negative old energy to be removed via the round end and up and out of the pointed end. Again, most of the energy I felt was around her root area, the wand didn’t glide in that area, it felt sticky. This largely corresponds to her feelings of fear, insecurity and the potential arthritis. I spent particular time here. Once I reached Molly’s crown, I then went back down the chakras but in a clockwise direction and with the pointed end facing her. This then allowed the new energy to enter in. At this point Molly was asleep. We concluded the treatment with a cuddle.

Bach Flower Essences
Using Bach flower remedies, I applied two drops of Rock water to my hands and rubbed them on Molly’s paws to help give some flexibility to her stiff back joints. I also placed two drops each of Heather and Red Chestnut in her water bowl, to help her feel more satisfied and loved when left by herself and to help her trust that she won’t be abandoned and nothing bad will come from the separation.

Aftercare & Advice 
I advised Molly’s mum to continue to use the essences in that way four times daily for the next 4 weeks. Reducing the amount given after seeing some positive changes.
I suggested Molly have some crystals safely placed around areas she normally spends time in.

reiki crystals
Crystals such as malachite to help balance and keep her grounded while also benefiting any arthritis, the green colour also to resonate with the heart chakra for her heart murmur and her possessive feelings. Ruby for separation anxiety and to support the root chakra with the red colour from the stone. Black tourmaline to absorb any negative feelings within the household. And rose quartz for support with stress, nervousness and potential muscle tension.

I updated Molly’s treatment card appropriately for all her treatments, including feedback and results.

Feedback & Results

happy dog
Molly happy after treatment

Molly’s mum has found that Molly is sleeping a lot during the evenings now, much more relaxed. During the day she is less prone to aimlessly following members of the household room to room and is more happy to play by herself. She still has a bark if someone comes near the house, but she’s much more accepting of their presence once she’s made aware things are okay. I have suggested regular Reiki sessions for her to help keep her balanced and suggested she seek advice from her vet on exercise options to help further with her joints.

Source: Charmaine Meek – Luna Student

Student Feedback
I was very impressed with the depth of study on my course, it was far better
than I thought it might be.The format was really easy to read and use and any questions
I’ve had were always promptly answered. Thank you.

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