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25 Signs That Show You’re A Great Energy Practitioner

Would you make a good energy healer?

energy healing with light in hand

 Looking for your purpose in life? Ever trodden off the path, rather than follow trends in the job market? If so, then changes are, you may not have heard of being an energy practitioner.

Energy healing uses the following to help ease emotional, physical, and mental distress:

·       Wellness prayers

·       Energy manipulation

·       Emotion balancing

As so, practitioners often possess these 25 remarkably distinct characteristics, which make them good at what they do:

 1.      You Show High Empathy

Since you might have experienced anxiety and depression sometime in your own life, you can feel hints of those things from other people. Therefore, you empathize, thus making you a good shoulder to cry on.

 2.      You’ve Had Plenty Of Life Experiences

Besides anxiety and depression, you might’ve had your fair share of trials and heartaches. Thus, you can draw on the lessons and growth that came from said experiences.

 3.      You Like Solitude

girl with flowers in meditation and solitude for energy healing

Normally, being around people can be draining. Since you’re sensitive to the emotions and energies of other people, you enjoy being alone, so that you can recharge.

 4.      You Feel Called To People Like You

If you don’t want to feel isolated, you might feel connected with like-minded people, who share the same interests as you.

 5.      You’re Not Big On Religion, But Still Spiritual

As an individual, you’re curious. Although religion may not be your strongest asset, you’re still open to various spiritual practices.

 6.      You Have Strong Intuition

With a strong inner compass, and spot-on gut reactions, you might have a strong intuition. Therefore, it’s important to listen to your intuition, even when it’s at odds with your mind.

 7.      You Possess Creativity

Healers are great at expressing creativity through visual art, music, or other media.

 8.      You’re Prone To Vivid Dreams

joyful dreaming girl with balloon

Pay attention to your dreams. Chances are, they mean something, and they might be sending you a message.

 9.      Not Having A Sense Of Belonging

Don’t feel like you belong anywhere? While it might seem like a curse, it’s actually a blessing. In fact, you’re actually the bridge between worlds – one that helps bring people together.

 10.  You’re Called To Ease Suffering

Suffering can come from anywhere. But mostly, you want to ease the pain of the underrepresented – animals, nature, etc.

 11.  You’re “Too” Sensitive

In this case, it’s okay to be sensitive. It’s an over-stimulation of your senses; but it helps you tap into other people’s feelings in a more sympathetic manner.

 12.  You Struggle With Mental Health Issues

Surprisingly, many energy practitioners have struggled with anxiety, depression, or other issues. Therefore, they can empathize with others with similar struggles.

 13.  You’re Introvert

You might seem shy in the real (conscious) world; but in the unseen world (the unconscious), your intuition speaks volumes.

 14.  You’re Interested In Healing

Ever searched for homemade remedies? Ever wanted to try healing techniques? A lot of energy healers do this!

 15.  You Keep The Peace

As a healer, you’re also a great peacemaker. People go to you to turn stressful situations into peaceful ones.

 16.  You’re Unique, Compared To Your Peers

You stand out in a crowd, because of your unique features. From different hobbies to interests, you really stand out.

 17.  You’ve Had Emotional Trauma

Again, you’ve had your fair share of heartbreak and disappointments; and emotional trauma is no exception. From losing a loved one, to violence, to having a near-death experience, these upheavals can help you understand others who have experienced similar times.

 18.  You Love Children

energetic children hugging

Children might be drawn towards you, since you show sensitivity and understanding towards them.

 19.  You See The “Big Picture”

You can’t be bothered with details; you look at the “big picture.” This thinking influences many of your decisions.

 20.  You’ve Had An Awakening

Ever had that “Ah ha!” moment in your life? That’s called an awakening! Although awakenings can spawn from negative experiences, sometimes these occurrences can come from positive things. Either way, the universe is trying to get your attention.

 21.  You Love Nature

If you’re a nature-lover, then that’s good! Many healers love to surround themselves with trees, fresh air, and sunshine.

 22.  You’re A Good Listener

When people talk to you, you listen to them, which is greatly appreciated. You love listening to people’s stories, and you can understand others with your heart and your mind.

 23.  People Come To You For Guidance

People are attracted to you for getting advice, guidance, and help in life. This is because you’re likely excellent at guiding others through the ups and downs of life. Often it is because of your own hardship in life and many experiences you learned from, that you can support others.

 24.  You Get “Messages”

Supernatural messages are a norm for you. Even electronic devices can act strange around you. This is considered “clairaudience,” or “clear hearing.”

25. Finally  You’re Prone To Synchronicity

Numbers mean something (i.e. 11:11, 12:12, 33:33, etc.). That’s synchronicity.


So, want to be an energy practitioner?

Essentially, if you have all of these 25 unique traits, you’ll be ready to heal the world with your presence and kindness.

If wishing to work with energy to heal yourself and others even if they are not with you or live on the otherside of the world then Reiki is one of the most powerful healing techniques to assist you with this. Learn Reiki 


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