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Why should you charge your crystals on a full moon?

How a full moon effects us and why you should charge your crystals


Are you ready for this Full Moon?

We are coming up to a full moon once again, so does the full moon really effect people or is just a myth?

If it does effect us, why?
Well its true that during a full moon the tides are higher than usual and this is due to the gravitational pull from the sun and moon. I am sure you are aware that the human body is said to be approx 80 percent made up of water, so this is why some people really do physically feel different during a full moon. Scientists agree that a full moon can have a similar effect on our bodies as it does with the sea and tides.

Swiss researchers offered results on a study they had done regarding sleep and luna cycles and it was discovered that a full moon can effect our sleep.

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Some of their findings stated that participants whom took part in the study actual had approx 20 mins less sleep during a full moon and also it took them longer to fall asleep during this period. So if you find yourself a little more restless during a full moon this could be the reason why.

Why do people charge crystals on a full moon?

Why do people charge crystals on a full moon and what effect does it have on them? Healers and therapists throughout the world are aware of the power of crystals and in particular the positive effect a full moon can have on crystals.

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Crystal clearing is used to rid crystal of unwanted energy or vibrations. Crystal charging is used to imbue a crystal with positive vibrations and energy.

How to charge your crystals this full moon

  • Collect all the crystals you would like to be cleansed and re-charged
  • Rinse all crystals on the evening of the full moon under running clean water (tap water is Ok)
  • Place all crystals in a bowl and place on window sill or outside where the full moon will be in view
  • Leave overnight or for best results 48hrs

When your crystals are charged they promote more power for healing and straightening your intention to heal and banish negative energy. One of the gentlest and most powerful ways to charge your crystal is to leave them to bathe in the light a full moon.

What if its cloudy? – If it is cloudy above and you cannot actually see the full moon, then the positive effects of leaving your crystals out on a full moon will still have the same effect.

Programming your Crystal – If you wish to use your crystal for a particular purpose hold this crystal in your hand on a full moon and set your intention. Place your crystals on a windowsill or on a tray outside and leave them overnight or even for a couple of nights.

Your crystals are now charged and ready for action.

Super moon – When a super moon  appears it is said to be the time when manifesting is at its most powerful. A super moon can appear as if its brighter and closer to earth so will appear a lot bigger. This is a good time to write down your wishes and once you have written them down and repeated them 3 times you can then burn the paper over candlelight.


Spell casting is always popular on a full moon and when you combine this with ( magic of crystals courses) amazing things can happen.

Happy full moon

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