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10 Powerful Healing Stones and Crystals That Will Change Your Life

Discover the amazing benefits of these ten  crystals

There are endless healing stones and crystals out there that can help bring peace and clarity into your life.

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As the Buddha once said, life is suffering, and the human journey as we know it is to proceed and venture through life being able to let that suffering go, much of which is self-derived, to find pure peace and joy.

Healing stones and crystals are a great way to help achieve this, whether you believe in the power of crystals or like the mindfulness aspect of having one on your person. With this in mind, today, we’re going to explore ten powerful healing crystals that deserve a place in your life.

1. Citrine
If you’re into crystals, you need Citrine in your life. Associated with money, gold, wealth, and opportunity, Citrine is a must if you’re looking to step into a new way of living your life. Any kind of change requires work, and this is the ideal stone to help inspire and motivate you, especially when it comes to your career and finances.

2. Selenite
Known as a ‘master crystal’, Selenite doesn’t need to be charge or looking after like other crystals, but is rather used to cleanse other crystals of their negative energy and to recharge them. Selenite is like having a crystal for crystals.
It doesn’t matter what kind of healing crystals you’re using; Selenite is a must if you want your preferred crystals to work to the best of their abilities.

3. Flourite

Considered one of the most underrated of all stones, Fluorite is a stone that focuses on nurturing a positive attitude and mindset. Any kind of healing feels like a battle of negativity, whether you’re letting go of past pains or healing wounds and remembering them. If you’re dealing with a lot of negativity, this could be the stone you need to balance things out.


4. Opal
Referred to as the ‘Eye Stone’, Opal is great for opening your mind’s eye to awaken your internal energy, boost your sense of self and personal wellbeing, and for allowing you to see the world in a new light; essential when you’re trying to heal.

5. Aventurine
No healing comes without the opportunity to step into something new, whether that’s a new path of life, a new direction, or a new state of mind. Aventurine is the stone of opportunity and is a great stone of bringing in new forms of luck, speeding up recovery from past pains or illnesses, and cleansing your heart chakra.

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6. Lapis Lazuli
One of my favourites, Lapis Lazuli, has gorgeous blues and stunning depths that I find it hard to see in other stones. By far one of the most sought-after crystals on earth. This stone works by activating the upper chakras of your mind and body and opens up the paths and energy channels within you, which is great for improving communication and expressing your deep-rooted ideas.

7. Agate
A stone that can be found in nearly all colours and styles, Agate is a stone of stability. When you’re going through a time of healing, of course, you’re going to feel unstable and as though everything is up in the air, especially when you’re unsure of what the future holds. Agate is the stone you’ll need to bring you back to the present and to ground your potentially wandering mind. It doesn’t matter what state you’re in; Agate can be used to bring you back.

8. Moonstone
Moonstone is one of my personal favourites. Although a feminine stone, it’s great for both men and women, and is used to strengthen intuition you have and to help create harmony in your life. If you find your life is getting pretty hectic and stressful, introducing a moonstone may be the best thing you can do.

9. Jade
Another stone that is commonly associated with lots of different and beautiful colours and can be found all over the world. It’s a very popular crystal and stone that’s been used over and over again in ancient cultures. Jade is known for its ability to clear out toxins and to cleanse your blood. If you’re physically recovering from something, this is a stone that can help to speed things up.

10. Kyanite
If you’re struggling for new ideas and need new pathways open in your mind, whether you’re moving forward, finding new solutions, or letting go, Kyanite is the stone for you and does all this in the most calming and relaxing way possible.

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Source:  Katherine Rundell is a writer at Write My Paper and PaperFellows services. She writes about Healing Crystals and shares her beautiful metaphysical experiences with the world in a bid to spread love, compassion, and kindness.

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