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Top 8 Healing Crystals For Children To Use


There are a number of healing crystals which are safe for children. From those which promote clarity, to stones which increase confidence and healing, there is bound to be a crystal that is suitable for your child. Here are the top 8 healing crystals for children to use.

  1. Amethyst
amethyst healing crystals
amethyst healing stones

If you’re looking for a crystal that will help your child to focus, then amethyst is the crystal for you. Its calming nature makes it especially ideal for promoting good quality sleep, as well as preventing nightmares. It’s especially effective if you place the crystal under your child’s pillow or by their bed when they go to sleep. It’s also a good choice if you’re looking to provide some emotional support and maturity for your child.

  1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a popular crystal for children due to its very gentle nature. It’s a crystal that promotes love and openness. In particular, it’s a good choice if you’re looking to help your child to overcome hurt or support them to soothe their emotions. By contrast, if you’re child has difficulty in opening up about their feelings or expressing themselves, rose quartz can help them overcome this. It’s ideal for wearing as a pendant or bracelet, or even for carrying around in your child’s pocket.

  1. Tiger’s Eye
tiger eye
tigers eye for protection

This is a popular stone amongst children. It’s an effective and useful grounding stone, especially if your child has a tendency to get lost in daydreams. Tiger’s eye can help bring your child back to the present moment, allowing them to refocus. It’s known for bringing good luck and increasing inner strength. Tiger’s eye is also a good choice if you’re looking to boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence. If your child has a tendency to fear new things and new challenges, tiger’s eye can help them to develop the courage they need to confront these.

  1. Sodalite

This stone is the perfect choice if you’re looking to provide your child with more clarity, whilst also helping them to increase their confidence. Sodalite is especially effective for those seeking to find greater focus and also encourages individuality. It’s also a good choice if you want to help your child overcome and cope more effectively with fear.

  1. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a well-known healing stone. It’s a popular choice for parents whose children regularly fall ill. Clear quartz is also known for helping to ease pain, both physical and emotional. Moreover, it’s a great stone for promoting and inspiring creativity, particularly in children.

  1. Citrine

Citrine is a fantastic crystal for promoting both happiness and creativity in children. If your child is displaying deep sadness and being withdrawn, then citrine should be your crystal of choice. It can help to restore happiness, whilst also encouraging the wearer to forget the sadness within them. Citrine helps bring cheer and joy, as well as freeing the mind. As a result, it can help give your child back their creativity, as well as increasing their confidence.

  1. Carnelian

For parents who are seeking a crystal that can promote confidence in their child, as well as reduce anxiety, then look no further than carnelian. This stone is renowned for increasing self-esteem in the wearer. It’s a fantastic choice for promoting open-mindedness, especially in children. It’s a popular choice for shy or insecure children as it can help them to overcome their self-doubt. It’s most effective when worn as a necklace.

  1. Black Tourmaline


Black tourmaline is the top crystal of choice for parents looking for a protection crystal for their child. It’s a powerful crystal that protects the wearer from negative energies, including those which arise from self-doubt. Not only will it protect your child, but it will also give them the strength and confidence they need to fight against negative energy.

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Make sure that you choose a crystal which is best suited to your child and their particular needs. It’s a good idea to recharge crystals, especially those which have been worn for prolonged periods of time, by cleansing the crystals in clean water. Involve your child in the cleansing and choosing of the crystals, as this will help them to get the most benefits from them.

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