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Using a Crystal Generator

quartz crystal generator

how to use a crystal generator 

These crystals have six faces, almost evenly sized and shaped, that meet at a point. In nature, these crystals are quite rare and are more often cut and polished to form a perfect point. The cut crystals are no less useful than natural ones and can still be used although it is certainly special to find a natural generator point.

Shape of Crystals – Cut generator crystals are usually shaped so they can stand on a flat base, with the point facing upwards. Some natural ones are also polished to emphasize the crystal faces. It is useful to have one or two different types for your collection.

Energy Flow – Generator points magnify and evenly direct energy flow, so they are an ideal addition for grids as well as magic spells and rituals. Consider placing one in the centre of a group ritual to help project the raised energy, having first passed the crystal around so that each one in the group has had an opportunity to hold it. The points are often used as wands, but you can also simply hold them in the hand to aid in directing the energy.

How to use your Generator – To dedicate your generator points, hold it in your projection hand (the hand which you use to send out and direct energy), and visualise the energy flowing from you down your arm to your fingertips and finally, through the crystal where the energy becomes magnified and is focussed into a beam emanating from the tip. This visualization is good to use when using the crystal too.

Crystal therapy works well with so many other holistic treatments that many people study more than just crystals, They work well with Feng Shui and Colour Therapy. You can combine your therapies with our holistic and complementary therapies to offer an amazing treatment to yourself or your clients.



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