funny boiled egg

Trying to be Vegan – but loving boiled eggs

Help I just love my boiled Eggs

funny boiled egg

I have now been trying to be vegan for nearly 3 months. I have not succeeded yet, as for the life in me I just cant seem to give up eggs. Although I have reduced my intake and ensure I only purchase from a local well run free range small farm holding, its just not something I am quite ready to give up on at this stage in my journey.  I am trying though, and have reduced my egg intake dramatically from about 12 a week to aprox 6 every 2-3 weeks.

Dealing with some common myths about being a plant based, none meat eater

Vegetarians/Vegans and Wind – is this really a laughing matter…

vegan girl laughing

Myth 1. Eating too much veg will make you windy – With all the veg and beans I am eating, this is one thing I expected to have to deal with. However to my delight and I expect the relief of others in near proximity to me this is just not an issue. In fact it was a bigger issue when I was a meat eater and would include plenty of veg during the same meal.  I thought I would bring this delicate subject up as it seems to be a myth that if you eat only veg and beans that you will undoubtedly suffer from this. I am pleased to put this myth to bed at least in my case, although having spoken to other none meat eaters they seem to agree.

Myth 2. How will I get my protein and vitamins – This is easy to answer as answered on the Vegan Society website.  “Plenty! Plant foods can provide all the essential amino acids. These nutrients are protein building blocks that cannot be made by your body” and I ensure that the majority of my meals  contain good sources of protein, such as beans, lentils, chickpeas, tofu, soya alternatives to milk and yoghurt, or peanuts” ( I love nuts)

Myth 3. Vegans/Vegetarians are weak and unhealthy –  Well this is easily squashed.  I personally have never felt so healthy  and vegans are some of the healthiest people on our planet suffering far less symptoms of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes etc… and oh by the way these are some of the strongest animals and guess what… they dont eat meat either:-

  • The Elephant. Arguably one of the most magnificent creatures on earth
  • The Rhino. …
  • The Hippo. …
  • The Bison. …
  • The Wildebeest. …
  • The Horse. …

vegetarian body builder

Tonight’s Dinner is shown below. I love peanut butter and love noodles so thought would give this a try and I have to say it was tasty, filling and easy to make.

Peanut butter Noodles – quick and simple to make

peanut butter noodles

cook your preferred noodles and set aside.  Chop fresh veg of choice

For the Sauce:

large tablespoon of peanut butter – quarter cup of water – two tablespoons soy sauce – 2 cloves of garlic – juice of half fresh lime – pinch of fresh ginger or dried – splash of Tabasco or any other hot sauce – spoonful of maple syrup ( I actually forgot to add this in and was still tasty)

To cook

Blend or mix sauce mixture until smooth. Add to wok then add all ingredients and stir fry until hot. Thats it! could not be simpler and tastier.  You may need to add a little water when stir frying to keep it loose.

I hope you enjoy and if not feel free to leave a comment and let me know your easy to make vegan friendly dish, that preferably can be made quickly and does not need 5 million ingredients and does not contain products only heard of in the inner jungles of the amazon…. sorry but remember I am still new at this…

trying to be vegan by trish  Trish & Luna

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