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Healing Power of Crystals

Discover the Healing Power of Crystals

In recent years, the healing power of crystals has become more and more popular for many different kinds of situations. There are hundreds of types of crystal healing processes to choose from, depending on the type of crystal healing you are looking for.
The more common types of healing crystals used would be turquoise for all-round general goodness, amethyst for stress reduction, blue topaz for those who seek more clarity in a situation or in just life in general, crystal quartz for the vulnerable, and moonstone for those who are going through a time of instability in their lives.
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There are several different ways one can access the healing power of crystals for help including;
– Simply holding the crystal while you meditate,
– Keep the crystal in your pocket,
– Create a grid using different types of crystals from which you need their healing,
– Create a sacred space where you can go when needing to meditate,
– Put different crystals on different parts of your body that correspond to the chakra you are trying to address.
For those of you who are into yoga you can hold your crystals while doing the yoga, you can simply use the crystals as home decor items to add the healing to your home, and for those of you who are fans of baths and face wash treatments, why not place the crystals in the bath with you or in the water you wash your face with to add extra healing power to the water.
How you choose to access the power of the crystal is completely up to you. Different methods will probably work better with different crystals, depending on your lifestyle, etc. If you are a fan of yoga, pairing yoga with crystals like turquoise or amethyst will probably be a good pairing. It all depends on what type of healing you are seeking and what method best suits you as a person and your lifestyle. Experimentation with different methods and crystals will lead to better results for each individual person as every person is different from the next and every individual is dealing with different struggles. So why not experiment with healing crystals and see what positive effect they may have on your life.
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