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Ten good reasons to ditch the booze & break free

Is it time you stopped drinking?

10 Good reasons to ditch the booze

No matter what time of the year you are reading this, now is always a good time to ditch the booze.  As we are aware  January or Sober October are the two most popular months when it actually seems permissible or acceptable to stop drinking.

What a strange world we live in when you realise that one of the things that could have been holding you back from stopping drinking is peer pressure from others and lack of acceptance from friends or family or both. This is the only substance that is proven to  cause more deaths than any other drug yet is still widely accepted throughout most of society.

Why is drinking seen as normal? – In 2020 & 2021 the word new normal became the favourite catch phrase of the media and politicians. But have you stopped to think what normal is? what does it mean to be normal? Normal for one is not normal for someone else.

Do health experts really lie?  In a word Yes. One thing 2021 has clearly shown every person on the planet is that our perceptions are simply one way we look and try to understand the world. When everything is upside down and confusing and when you realise the governments and big pharma do not necessarily have your best interest at heart, especially when its about  your health then its time to take back some control of your own life.  2022 is going to be time of great lies being revealed. So lets start with one big lie that has been promoted for years.

Alcohol is good for me –  Is it really? What does it actually do for you? I am sorry Dr Hilary from ITV and any other pompous media doctors who have been pushing this incorrect narrative either through pure ignorance or for monetary gain. This statement is simply just not true.

Beware Media Propaganda – The media will pick up on that one sentence where someone has stated red wine is said to be good for your heart (without actually explaining its not the red wine but the fruits that the wine is made with offering some slither of a health benefit) but off you pop to the local store to pick up a bottle in the false belief that it must be good for you because someone with a white coat and stethoscope was on TV telling you so.

Money talks – If one thing 2021 should have taught us all by now is that money talks and those with money have the power to decide what you will hear, what you will wear and what you will even think. The alcohol industry is a billion or trillion dollar business and their business is selling it to you.

Change your Mindset, Change your Life – Mindset really is key to giving up any addiction whether it be booze, food, sugar, bad relationships. We tend to have a vision that you are not an alcoholic as you are not wandering the streets with booze in a paper bag or you cant have a problem with booze as you would not dream of drinking in first thing in the morning and you really don’t want vodka on your cornflakes. There are many reasons why people say they drink. 

Ten  Benefits you will get when you stop drinking

  1. Better Quality sleep – A lot of people think that drink helps them sleep, this is a myth as you may fall asleep fast but will tend to awaken in the middle of night or have an unconscious sleep which is not the same as a good nights sleep with a clear head depending on amount drank.
  2. Clearer skin – Drink dehydrates your body even days after drinking. One of the first thing you will see in none drinkers is clear bright eyes and clear skin.
  3. Reduced Anxiety – Many people think that drink reduces anxiety and makes them relaxed but this is a false cover up of real emotions. Drinkers suffer from more depression and high anxiety.
  4. Stronger and healthier immune system – Drinking does not make your immune system stronger and in fact reduces its effectiveness. On average none drinkers are healthier, have fewer colds and generally have better all round health.
  5. More money – This goes without saying. An average bottle of wine is now aprox £8-£10 at the time of this article, and a glass of wine in a pub or restaurant will set you back on average £6-£8 a glass. If you only drank 6 glasses of wine a week you would have saved over £2000 by this time next year.
  6. More Energy – Fact drinking makes you tired. This is why after a heavy weekend or that bottle of wine in the evening you feel sluggish and sleepy the next day.
  7. Feeling Happier – One of the big positives that people say who have given up drink is that they genuinely feel happier. It does not mean that they do not have bad days or things do not go wrong its just that emotionally they are better able to cope and are more in tune with their feelings.
  8. More Time – This may seem strange but drinking takes up a lot of time. Once you have put the kids to bed or decided to sit down with that glass of wine that you think will relax you, its like you switch off which in fact is what you are doing. Drink also switches off your creativity leaving you little time to do any other activities. After all if you are dinking you are not likely to be out at the gym or walking the dog.
  9. You will have more patience – Many people who drink tend to get irritable more quickly and this is noticeable to others but not necessarily you. One thing that gets commented on most with partners of people who have stopped drinking is how much calmer they are.
  10. More clarity – When you stop drinking you will have more clarity and are less likely to make those bad decisions that often happen when you are under the influence. How many times have you said things you have regretted or don’t even remember, how many bad dates or unacceptable behaviour have you put up with. Clarity brings better judgement.

Is it time you broke free?


If you are ready to join the Sober Movement which has been growing in strength in amazing numbers over the past two years then getting your mind set first and foremost is key. Its also life changing and something that you will never regret. In fact regrets can now be a part of your past. When you are doing any thing new its important to give your self the best possible change of success, after all you would not go on a healthy eating plan with out reading up about nutrition or go to a gym with no equipment, so if you are ready to see what being sober is really like then you journey starts with bee sober.


About BeeSober – We challenge beliefs around alcohol and we are passionate about removing the stigma attached to sobriety and alcoholism. We arm you with the facts so you can make informed and educated choices surrounding alcohol. Alex and Lisa having appeared on many media channels including the BBC, have been successfully helping thousands of people ditch the booze and have built up amazing communities now throughout the whole of the UK for others who are finding life just so much more fun without the booze and want to meet up.

Why not start with their 30 day sober challenge and make this the day you really turn your life around.

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