Spiritual Tattoos – what they mean

Discover the Symbols And Meanings

When you get a tattoo, the chances are that you want it to be something meaningful, and this often means a spiritual tattoo, something that represents your beliefs. Many people believe that tattoos can connect them more deeply to the spiritual realm.

In this guide, we’re looking into spiritual tattoos and their meaning. How can you embrace the protection of spiritual tattoos and bring yourself more peace and contentment in the process?

What Is Spiritual Tattooing?

Spirituality can be a big part of your identity. A self conscious decision to tattoo yourself in a way that connects you more closely to the world, cleanses the mind and spirit, and embraces the energy of the world can be a brilliant way to get in touch with your spiritual side and beliefs.

There is not just one type of spiritual tattooing, and there are actually many ways in which both tattoo placement and design can bring a better connection, cleanse the soul, and provide different benefits for those with the tattoos.

This is not a new concept, as spiritual tattooing has been around for thousands of years in some cultures. Many even believe the process of getting inked by a tattoo artist to be mindful and spiritual in many ways.

How Spiritual Tattoos Affect You?

Many spiritual tattoos have the potential energy of healing, improving your connection to your beliefs, and even repel negative energies from your life. A conscious choice of a spiritual tattoo can cleanse your aura, and help your wellbeing on a day-to-day basis.

Of course, different tattoos can have a different impact. Let’s look into the meanings behind some of these tattoos.

Spiritual Tattoo Ideas and Their Meanings


Mandala – mandala tattoos can be a pattern, and they represent a symbol in a dream, that shows the dreamer’s search for completeness, identity, and a sense of unity in the mind and spirit.

Hamsa – the Hamsa symbol provides protection from the evil eye, giving peace and bringing both fortune and fertility in some cultural beliefs. Carrying the Hamsa symbol as a tattoo can be a way to stave off the evils of life.

Hamsa tattoo

Buddha – those who follow the teachings of Buddha can benefit from a deep and cleansing spiritual connection to this symbol of peace and inner tranquillity.


Reiki symbols – Reiki can give you a powerful connection to your inner energy and improve multiple areas of your life. There are a great number of different symbols, and you should use them based on your beliefs and life’s calling. These symbols include Dai Ko Myo – The Usui Master Symbol · Cho ku rei – The Power Symbol · Raku – The Completion Symbol. Which symbol you opt for depends on your choice.

Om symbol – the om symbol and sound are known to “sustain the universe”. The mantra OM (Auṃ) is used in meditation and represents creativity, balance, and the sound that represents the whole of the universe and life itself. Many think you can also use this to embrace the energy of healing.

Om Reiki Symbol

Yin/Yang – One common definition is that yin and yang shows that “obviously opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world.” Ultimately, the symbol is about balance, and good and evil.

ying yang

Dream catcher –  a dream catcher is another way to keep evils away, and stave off negative energy and nightmares. You may have one of these items in your bedroom, and now you can carry one with you everywhere you go via a tattoo. This is a way to find inner peace and tranquility.


Trinity knot – the trinity knot is a symbol of undying and endless love across the whole world. With its roots in Irish culture, the trinity knot has become a popular tattoo design. Connect yourself with love and unity.


Chakras – the seven chakras are famously powerful centers of healing. They may inform your decision for both tattoo design and where to get the tattoo itself. Chakras include the third-eye chakra, the solar plexus chakra (which is all about confidence and control) and the heart chakra (which is about love and unity in your life). Many chakras are considered “blocked” to those who aren’t spiritual, and a tattoo can be one of many ways to embrace the chakras and their benefits.

sacral chakra

All seven of the chakras have their own unique benefits, with some opting for all seven as tattoos around the body.


Nobody wants a tattoo that is meaningless, and with spiritual tattoos you can tap into the balance of life, energy, chakras, and the force that binds us all together. There is a reason why a tattoo has been considered spiritual by cultures around the world for centuries, and it continues to be popular to this day. Carry your beliefs with you everywhere you go.


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