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Tarot – what does the suit of coins mean?

Tarot Cards – Suit Coins – Also maybe known as discs, pentacles

This suit represents the material aspects of our lives – our possessions, accomplishments, manifestations, enterprise, alternate, land, home, our stage of abundance. This suit  may also represent our bodies’ degree of energy, connection to the earth and nature, and our genetic heredity. High-quality traits related to this in shape consist of our reputation in society, our non-public values and our internal sense of self esteem.

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Coins and Communication – positive and upright cards
It can represent our feelings of safety, our capability to loosen up and no longer be anxious or worry – to create, experience beauty and a zest for lifestyles. They also constitute our strengths, capabilities, rewards for  effort well spent, and social/circle of relatives guide networks.

Coins Reversed – Negative or upside down cards

Bad connotations encompass material loss, low shallowness, pessimism, materialism, compromised values, stubbornness, inflexibility, and the practical worries that make us fear.

Is it a coin or a pentacle?

Often a symbol of both a large gold coin or a golden pentacle in the shape of a disc will embellish this suit of cards. Different types of cards may show this suit in shape of pentacles, discs, or gold coins.

Pentacles can in truth signify prosperity on many levels, including wealth and possessions but also relationships, religious contentment, and the kingdom of one’s emotional health.

Coins in a Tarot Reading

Should a tarot consultation be predominantly comprised of Pentacles cards, it can be taken as an indication that your client is searching for solutions to conflicts that are very a whole lot rooted in the right here and now. These issues normally revolve around monetary and profession problems and can be resolved quickly, as quickly as they are addressed. If you are new to tarot this suit can sometimes be confusing as the meaning of the reading will very much depend on the surrounding cards.

How to learn tarot

If you would like to learn more about tarot or even learn how to become a professional tarot reader then this course from Luna is excellent. Its ideal for anyone who is either a complete beginner or for those of you who have been reading the cards and are self taught but would like to offer more clarity and depth to your readings. It covers a wide selection of spreads and students who have undertaken this course have gone on to become professional working readers.  Learn Tarot.

Find a professional Tarot Reader

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