Root Chakra

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The Root Chakra & Meaning

Learn more about the root chakra and what part of your body this effects

Colour: Red
Element: Earth
Sense: Smell
Symbols: 4 petaled lotus

Relevant to the Associated Parts of the Body: All solid parts such as the spinal column, teeth, bones and nails. 

Associated Astrological Signs & Planets
Aries/Mars: New beginning, power to achieve and aggressiveness.
Tauras: Closeness to earth, stability, possession, sensual pleasure.
Scorpio/Pluto: Sexual power, transformation and renewal.
Capricorn/Saturn: Stability and Structure.

Ayurvedic Teaching: Primordial source of all life to the root chakra.

Purpose and Function of Root Chakra
The root chakra connects us with the physical world. It transfers cosmic energies to the physical and earthly level and lets earthly energy stream into your subtle system.

Mans basic needs and global needs for life and survival are influenced by this first chakra and those who succeed in opening it will fully accept life on earth and will say ‘yes’ to their own physical existence and will be prepared to learn from earthly forces and actin in harmony with the planet.

Root chakra for Security 
When the root chakra is working correctly then you are likely to find yourself with financial and material security. You should also find that you are able to continue the survival of the species by  having children. The root chakra is known as the source of life force.

As the heart in the body, so the root chakra forms the center of our system of subtle energy cycles. It is thought that that this chakra stores knowledge of the collective unconscious and will enable it to become accessible. This chakra should always function in harmony with the 7th chakra.

Signs of a Harmonious Functioning Root Chakra
If this chakra is working correctly and in harmony you should experience a deep and personal relationship to the Earth and all life forms.

Your life energy will be intact and you will feel rooted in life and yourself. With stability and inner strength you will feel embedded in natural life cycles.

You will find it easy to achieve your goals and you will perceive the earth as a secure place which will provide you with everything you need, including food, shelter and financial security.

Signs of a Disharmonious Root charka
If this chakra becomes unbalanced, your thoughts and actions primarily revolve around material possessions and security, or sensual indulgences and thrills such as good food, alcohol, sex etc…

Weight Gain and Emotions

On the physical plane, the inability to let go and the desire to maintain possessions often manifest themselves in constipation and weight gain. You can find yourself getting upset, irritated or even angry if you are challenged.

Signs of Blocked or Closed Root Chakra
If your root chakra is blocked or closed, your physical constitution tends to be weak and you may find you lack physical and emotional stamina. A lot of things will cause you worry. You may feel you have lost your footing. It may be difficult for you to meet the demands of everyday life and you frequently lack stability and the power to achieve.

You may find living on earth a burden instead of a pleasure most of the time or you may feel you do not really belong here. If your sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra are also blocked, anorexia may set in as you will absorb hardly any elemental life force through your root chakra.

You will continue to be faced with the problems of earthly life until you learn to accept them as milestones on your way to holistic development.

How to Cleanse and Activate the Root Chakra
Now you have a better understanding of the importance of not having a blocked chakra we now need to learn how to balance and harmonize this chakra. In order to get in touch with the comforting, stabilizing and revitalizing energy of the first chakra the following exercise should help:

crosslegged mediation with chakra symbols


Sit on the ground in the lotus position and consciously breathe in its fragrance. You can also at the same time contemplate a blood red sun rising or setting.
Combining the above will have an optimal holistic effect on your root chakra.

Music that is appropriate to active the root  chakra should consist of monotonous, emphatic rhythms. You may find that ancient music of  the many primitive tribes best express these rhythms. In order to harmonize the root chakra, you can utilize the sounds of nature. If you do not have access to them in their natural settings then a cd will be just as helpful.
Using Vowels: The vowel “u” (spoken as ooh) is assigned to the root chakra.
Mantra: Lam – repeat many times.  Learn more with our Chakra and Aura Certificate Course

The first chakra is activated by a clear, bright shade of red. The red colour will aid in warming and revitalizing  and awakening the life force. Wearing red undergarments can also help.  (see colour therapy courses)

chakra crystalsChakra kits are ideal

Crystal/Gemstone Therapy
The following crystals are ideal for working with the root chakra.

  • AGATE: This stone provides seriousness and firmness. It will help you to dissolve negative emotions and help to protect the inner self.
  • HERMATITE: This will provide strength and energy. It has a revitalizing effect on the body and will help to mobilize and move hidden energies.
  • It can help overcome a state of weakness and stimulate a healthy build up of blood and cells.
    BLOOD JASPER:  This green-red blood jasper connects you with the elementary power of love of “Mother Earth”. It can help to cleanse and transform the physical body and will help to convey feelings of security.
  • GARNET:The garnet will help to provide drive and will power, self confidence and success. On a physical level it can help to stimulate the blood circulation.
  • RED CORAL: This stone offers vital flowing energy. It can have a stimulating influence. It will help to encourage flexibility, which will help you to remain firmly rooted within yourself.
  • RUBY: This will lend vital warmth and creative energy. It can help to establish a harmonic syn
    thesis between physical and spiritual love.

(see crystal healing courses)

CEDAR: This tangy fragrance of cedar-wood oil connects you with the earthy forces and all forms of natural life. Can help to build up energy and leave you feeling secure.

CLOVE; Clove oil helps to dissolve bad energies within the root chakra. It encourages a readiness to liberate yourself.

(See Aromatherapy Courses)

Hatha Yoga & Kundalinia Yoga
These are forms of physical and spiritual exercises that will help you to achieve balance and vitalizing energies in all chakras.

(see our Yoga training Course)

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