Reiki to Relieve Back Pain

Self preparation – Reiki Case Study

I ground myself and use a Kanji 1 hand position to allow myself to receive guidance and allow energy to flow through my chakras, wash my hands to illuminate cross contamination and also to remove any negative energy.
I have for a few years studied and practised different forms of holistic health therapies, Crystal healing, aromatherapy, Reflexology, massage.Depending on the clients needs, I would sometimes incorporate some of the above treatments together, this is what made me interested in Reiki and healing, as feedback from clients and my own experience I was naturally using similar techniques to help my clients heal.

One of my regular clients will be my case study, I have been treating him for around a year.

Client Details
Client is 54 years old a very successful business man who in turn has a high level of stress, unfortunately around 4 years ago he was hit by a car and nearly died, this paralysed him for a while ,he experienced numerous operations, he is now mobile again and back at work, but he suffers with a lot of pain in his lower back where he has metal plates, he has sciatica which is constant and also severe pain in his right shoulder, this causes him to be unable to sleep which with the pain and lack of rest can be unbearable.
When Client approached me his doctor had suggested massage to help him relax and ease his muscles, as time goes on I have treated him with Reiki and other holistic therapies.
For the first few sessions I combined a relaxing massage with Aromatherapy, to relax him and ease his nerves, as he never experienced any treatment like this before, as time went on with each treatment he began to trust me and became very open minded to holistic health and allowed me to use what I felt necessary and so I began a session of reiki.

I begin by grounding myself, I think of myself as a tree and my roots have me firmly in the ground, I then talk to the angels and spirits and ask them to guide me, then I imagine a glow of light surrounding me and flowing through my chakras.
I apply a warm aromatherapy oil on my hands and rub this in his back for a while to help him relax I do this for a while, I then turn him over, making sure he is comfortable at all times.

Reiki Positions
I begin with the basic 4 Reiki positions on his head, when I fist performed this his head was cooler as time has gone on, I get a much warmer sensation, I believe Clients crown chakra and third eye was closed and since his treatments he has opened his mind more to his spiritual side. I then proceed to use the body positions.
His heart is always come, I have no tingle, heat or chill, I move on to his pelvis again these positions are calm I continue as I want to keep them clear and healthy, I turn Client over and begin on his Sacrum, this is very hot and I get a sharp pain in my own lower back. Client has had a lot of surgery in this part of his body, energy is at its strongest when treating this area I sometimes raise my hands so I can regain more energy again and place them back, Client comments he feels are very nice sensation of intense heat and the pain is soothed, I spend more time on this until I feel the energy weakens, I then move up to his back again extreme intense heat and energy, I continue in the same way as I did with the Sacrum, this helps him with his tiredness and stress, at this point he gets very sleepy.
I turn Client over and start treating a specific area his right shoulder and neck, he suffers from a lot of pain here so I am drawn to keep my hands here at times I find it difficult to remove them.
I then move to his feet, I am always drawn to them and they are always cold, I use a sandwich technique cupping his foot with both hands, I usually wait until I feel energy flowing through them again. Client finds this part very comforting and reassuring, he explains he feels a warm glow from his feet through his whole body.

Completion of Reiki Session
At the end of treatment I always advice client not to rush off the table but to take their time as with healing etc I found it can make them light headed I also get them some water to help remove the toxins.

When I first began treating Client he could not sleep and hadn’t had a full night’s sleep in over 4 years, he now manages to sleep more and after a session with me he sleeps the whole night, he has reported to me he also feels less stressed and a lot happier. His pain has lessened and he does not take as much medication.
I will continue with treatments and have advised Client on meditation to allow his energy to flow all the time, and allow him to gain more rest, because of his intense pain his body overworks and so this causes him to be even more tired, so if he can try this it will help him between treatments.

This is an excellent case study and we are pleased to share this with other students whom are studying or working with Reiki Healing

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