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Before my client arrives and before I commence any form of healing I spray the treatment room with my sage smudge spray to ensure that it is free of negativity and to promote a positive environment. I do the Gassho meditation to ground myself and clear myself of any negative issues that may be present. (Gassho literally means, “two hands coming together”)

hands with reiki

I always have a small ticking clock in the background and a salt lamp on to create a soft natural glow. I draw and say the Cho Ku Rei symbol around the treatment room and over the bed, making sure I go into the corners of the room. My client is a public servant who has previously had Reiki treatments with other practitioners.

He is 64 years old, married with 3 grown children living in his home on and off. I sit with Mr F and ask him to complete the treatment card prior to commencement of the treatment.

I note that he suffers with lower back issues and he has had major heart surgery and is now on permanent medication. His stress levels at the moment are about 2.5 out of 4. After explaining to Mr F what I will be doing today and offering  him a glass of water before we proceeded, which he declined. The temperature in the room was pleasant but I offer Mr F a blanket and any pillows if he requires them. He said he is comfortable, so I ask him to lie down on the treatment bed on his back, face upwards.


  • Commenced with the Kanji symbols, followed by Reiji Ho. I folded my hands in the Gassho position, in front of my chest, eyes closed and asked the Reiki power to flow through me. I repeated this wish 3 times and I sent the mental healing symbol; Sei He Ki and then I sealed it with the Cho Ku Rei symbol.
  • I then did a protection prayer to our spirit guides, God and Archangel Michael for this session to be in our highest good and to surround us with positive golden white light, then I visualised myself having tree roots growing from my feet into the earth to make sure I’m grounded. I also like to use the breathing technique Joshin Kokyuu-Ho, for serenity and calmness and to become a clear channel for Reiki.
  • In my mind I  silently said the words Cho Ku Rei 3 times whilst I visualised the symbol on my hands to strengthen and focus the Reiki treatment before I placed them on my client.

With my hands positioned over his eyes in the first head area, I am being careful not to apply any pressure, I then continued on with the next head position until I had completed all four. Mr F commented how warm my hands were when I was treating the back of his head.  I then proceeded to do his chest/heart area and I visualise the Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki sandwich over this area whilst silently repeating each symbol 3 times. I feel a slight warmth and get a gentle tingling in my hands, when this subsides I move on to the next position in the diaphragm, I then move onto the pelvis area, there is heat and he could also feel the heat from my hands. Once the energy stops I get Mr F to sit up gently and then turn over so I could work on his back area.

I started on to his shoulder area position 1; by the time 5 minutes had passed he was gently snoring. My hands had tingled again and felt hot, so I waited until the heat subsided and then proceeded to his heart shoulder blade area, my hands heated up again but I was not surprised as this was his heart area again.

As he had told me that he suffered with lower back pain I gave this area a little longer and visualised once again the Power symbol Cho Ku Rei. The fourth back sacrum position had me drawn to moving my hands either side of his hips, before I centred on the middle near his coccyx. As he was still sleeping, I couldn’t ask him any questions about any financial worries or guilt issues. So I then moved on to the knee area, this area was neutral so I then went and placed my hands on his feet to ground him and gently end the session.  I then conclude the Reiji Ho by performing the Gassho position once again and I mentally thanked our respective spiritual guides, God and Archangel Michael for their assistance and guidance with this session.

I quietly woke Mr F and asked him to gently sit up when he was ready; I then went and poured us both a glass of water. I asked him what he thought of his Reiki session and he said, rather blissful, I think I went to sleep.  I asked him what he thought his stress levels were now at and he said, what stress? I’m feeling calm and relaxed.

It was good to know that I’d relaxed him enough that he was comfortable sleeping. I asked him if he saw any colours and he replied purples and greens when I was doing over the head area. Now that he was awake I asked him if he was worried financially or if he was suffering any form of guilt or resentment as those areas were in need of attention that corresponded to his back/hip area.

He confided that he had recently watched the passing of his Mum to cancer and felt guilty that he couldn’t do any more for her; I advised that he need not suffer guilt as she is in a better place and it wasn’t his job to heal her, it was her time. He acknowledged that she lived to a great age and had been relatively disease free all of her life, so I said to just focus on the positives and the happy times as guilt is a wasted emotion. He said he was also worried financially as he was getting close to retirement age and didn’t have nearly enough money to retire on and was worried that he’d never stop working.  I suggested he sees a financial advisor as they may be able to set some plans in motion to ease his mind and then his back issues may dissipate as his Dr advised that his muscles were tight and not torn.

I asked him if he would like to do any more treatments in the future to see if I could help in any way ease his back pain. He said definitely, book me in for later this month. Once Mr F left I washed my hands to disconnect and to cleanse myself from the treatment. I did a small Reiki healing on myself, and was happy with the outcome of the day’s session.

FEEDBACK: Mr F said that his lower back pain was slightly better and looked forward to our next session.  He also wanted to know what was in the water as he constantly had to urinate for the rest of the day after the treatment. (This is a good sign as now shows the client is releasing unwanted negative energies and toxins)

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