How to Read Angel Cards

Learn how to read Angel Cards

How to read angel cards free online guide

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Do you love angels? Have you got some angel cards? OK but do you know how to read them?

Reading angel cards is a little different than reading tarot cards, but just as much information can be passed across to the client.  We cover a lot about how to communicate with our angels and guides in our online angel courses and how to read angel cards, but you can get a free guide to reading angel cards ready for immediate download today.

Its fun and its free. All you need is a pack of Angel cards and a little time to spare to prepare for a full angel reading.

De clutter before you mutter

There is nothing worse than sitting down for a reading with clutter and mess surrounding you. Its is important to make the space you intend to do your reading free from any distractions and to create a positive space. Its always nice to light some candle of incense before you start to read your cards.

Relax and Enjoy

After you have prepared your space ensure you have enough time to complete the reading without having to rush off or have any interruptions. You should allow at least 30 mins when getting ready to read your cards. This includes a few moments to meditate and relax and a few more moments to shuffle the cards before laying them out face down ready to reveal what the angels would like to tell you.

Why not play some angel music in the background to help  you concentrate on your readings.  download your FREE GUIDE TO ANGELS

How to read Angel Cards

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