Neuro-Linguistic Programming case Study


Client arrived for her NLP session,  she entered the room trying to look confident with a slight smile on her face, I could see her  anxiety, as she rubbed her hands together as she took a seat, she became tearful  as she started to talk of her ongoing issues, she has seen her doctor and been prescribed medication for  anxiety, but hasn’t taken it, she states that she is living with her partner and three dogs, which she states she loves very much, and  holds down a full-time job as a Make-up  - Sales Manager, she strives for a high standard in everything she undertakes, but feels things have been getting on top of her, she feels like she has lost control of everything i.e. housework, quality time with her partner, and time for the gym.  She feels her emotional state of mind is causing her to display irrational behaviour towards her partner i.e. shouting and screaming at him, she is failing to get his attention and understanding., and doesn’t know where to start. 
NLP Treatment: Assist client with her anxiety, and remove negative thought patterns to enable rational behaviour.

To help me build rapport I actively listened to my client, she made statements about the importance of managing her job, home life, and having a better relationship with her partner, she stated that everything in her life was a mess. Stepping into her world I could see her anxiety, as she fumbled about with her hands as she spoke, noticing her low toned voice and tears in her eyes I felt her emotion, and frustration. I said you look really sad and lost, she looked me in the eye and said if I don’t get more support then I will leave him, he does nothing around the house and tells me I nag constantly and that I’m never happy, he just goes to his work, comes home and sits watching T.V.
or has his friends round I Want him to help in the house and give me quality time, I’m tired after work and feel I’m the only one cleaning, cooking and seeing to the dogs and don’t have time for myself, he thinks he is the only one that’s had a heavy day, and forgets I have a demanding job with long hours
too I get so angry with him we both end up in a full blown argument, it’s pointless because we end up not talking and I become emotional to the point it tires me out. I looked at her and said ‘I can see you are overwhelmed and wonder what you really want right now?, she stated I just want to feel happier
in my life, I asked her to  visualise how things might  look if she were to be happy. I could see her going into deep thought visualising, and very much in the moment with how she would see herself if she was happy smiling back she looked at me stating I want more time for me out- with work to go to
the gym regularly and find time to relax without feeling I have all the chores in the house to do.   

She said it all looks good seeing it in her mind, it gives me a nice feeling. I could see a shift in her current state of mind, she was smiling as she spoke of her images of time for herself. I said you  mentioned you have three dogs, that you love them, tell me more about that? she said well I like sitting on the Settee with them, they cuddle up to me and I feel relaxed when I have them next to me. I asked is this something you could do more regular to help her relax? she stated yes I could. I asked her to take a moment and visualise she is sitting with her dogs and  think about the last time she had fun with her partner and really focus on that thought. whilst relaxing with her dogs, she took
several minutes again smiling she said they had went to London and spent quality time, she laughed as she spoke of how she thought he was going to propose on the London Eye and how excited she was getting on it, then found there was no proposal, but they laughed and joked together and so
much enjoyed the views, she said  I do love him, he is the only one who truly understands me as a person. I said well that’s definitely a positive thought ‘Yes?’ she smiled and said yes  maybe it’s just me being negative, letting things get on top of me to the point it gets out of control, which leads to my
negativity, I said is it possible to look at  small steps to setting your goal?  She said yes that makes Sense. She felt her goal would be to ensure she allocated time for the gym, and relax with her dogs before heading off to bed. I suggested that she sit with her dogs when she was falling into her negative mind set and reflect on a happy time with her partner or focus on something nice that happened in her day. She smiled and said ‘Yes I could try this, and I will try it’ I could see the change  In her by the end of the session, she looks a lot happier and spoke in a more confident tone. I ended The session highlighting the change in her state of mind which appeared to be of a more positive State. 

My assessment of the session: I felt I used all tools available to me through the NLP process, the tools available helped me to empowered her to shift from different states throughout the session, prompting her to think, feel and visualise her own experience negative and positive. The session lasted 2hrs, and felt this time scale was sufficient. I really enjoyed having her as my first Case Study I felt a sense of achievement, not only for me, but also her. 

After care advice given:I Reminding her to bring herself into the moment and be aware of her tone of voice, mood and behaviours when in and around others, and suggested that when she feels herself slipping back into negative thought  to bring this into her awareness, see it, feel it, sit with it, explore it, then decide what action is required for a positive outcome through relaxation sitting  with her dogs to relieve her anxiety,

Client Feedback
Client’s comments about her session: I had never heard of NLP but thought it was worth trying, as I had tried medication that never helped me. Angelica was very warm and welcoming I felt she enable me to explore areas that were of difficulty, she helped me to see that I was following the same negative patterns and failing to see the positive in life. I also feel I have to put myself in my partners shoes, taking his thoughts and feeling into consideration and not just my own. I felt I had made progress and my mind set definitly changed by the end of my session. I left feeling up beat and ready to put by goals into action. I will recommend NLP to my friends and family.

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