Hot Stone Massage Treatment – Case Study

Case study of: (client age 53)

Date:  (29 july 2014)

Time started:    6pm                                  Time finished: 7.10pm

Details of treatment

Ensuring my treatment room was ready for my client and my personal hygine I burned some oils of lavender and geranium in my oil burner to set the tone and relax the client . I greeted my client and we completed a client treatment card.
Client is a lovely woman, very chatty and bubbly

I have treated client before for reiki and I generally always find client to be happy and cheerful.

I asked client to be my case history for hot stones and she was delighted.

Client is a smoker but has no medical history apart from three normal pregnancy. I asked client to lie face down on the massage bed, I then placed a towel over her.

Ensuring again that my stones where heated to the correct temp, 125/135f and pre oiled I used  almond oil and a little lavender, client assured me she was not allergic.

I began with reverse effleurage with heated hands and then I began to use the stones, working the three systems ( respiratory, digestive and reproductive)

I palmer kneaded the lower back as my routine suggests the effleruage up either side of the spine to the base of the back. Using the side stones for the sides of the spine.

Effleurage the scapula area, working the all the top of the back and arms and neck areas, finishing with side stones on the neck and across the shoulders, and back to the base of the skull, and effleurage the entire back, after each treated area  I placed a stone as this is my prefered method.

Then I began with the legs and did effleurage with heated hands and the with the stones, working the entire backs of the legs and up to thighs etc. Then I removed the stones on the spine and asked client to turn over.

And then to the feet, effleurage the feet with heated hands again, working up and down between the toes with the side of the stone, and then circling with the side of the stone to the sole. I stroked up the foot from the heel with the toe stone and then I placed in position and the I placed all four stones Inbetween the toes. ensuring the body is covered at all time when I was not working on an area, to keep my client comfortable. Washing my hands after treating the feet.

I now moved to the arms using a medium stone. And again treated with hand efflerage the stone on the lower arm, moving up and down using the side of the stone and move up and down the lower arm front and back

Holding the elbow then massaging the upper arm, and petrissage with the side of the stones and again on the other side.

Shoulders – Face – Scalp

Then I moved to neck and shoulder I began effleurage using hands and stones again starting at the chest,moving across the to the top of the arms, working the deltoid, tricep and the trapezius, and finishing at the occipital ridge, three times. I then petrissage with the side of stones the same area. I then gently turned the head to one side and work small circles down the trapezius staring at the base of the neck and finishing at shoulder. Gliding back up and repeating on the other side. Then to the face and scalp.

I used a hot stone to effleurage the face, then petrissage face, the cold stones to petrissage and effleurage. I then kept alternating from hot to cold stones.

Massaging the temples with cold stones, then hot, the alternate. Hot stones again to the face by effleurage, then again using heated hands or hot stones to massage the scalp in circular movements.

As and extra I took the client hair down out of her pony tail asking permission of cousrse and just ran my fingers through the scalp and hair as in aromatherapy or indian head. Just to help relax even more.

When I had finished, I left the room and washed my hands, on retuning my client was in a deep relaxation

I gave her a few minutes to come round, and I gently rocked the body to help bring her back,

She was very relaxed, allowing my client time to get dressed.

I then offered her water√ and asked her how she felt, she said said it was wonderful and she loved the warmth of the stones, and felt sleepy.

I told client to avoid any tea alcohol and coffee, or any stress for a day, and to drink plenty of water.

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