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My client was a 36yr old female who was going through emotional turmoil as she had just discovered that her husband was having an affair. This reflected in the pendulum checks, and obviously why certain chakras were blocked.  Before commencing a treatment on a client, I set the scene for relaxation.

I use a lighted sage herb to cleanse the room fanning all four corners of the walls. Lighted candles are placed around the room to create a warm and relaxing environment, the flickering reflections of light creates an ambience of tranquillity. 

The couch is covered with a selection of colourful soft blankets for comfort, using one as a support for  under the knees, and one to cover the client. Meditation music is quietly playing in the background.

I take this opportunity to relax and mediate before my client arrives. It is important to ensure that you are balanced and at peace within, before treating others.I welcome my client and discuss a course of treatment. We complete a client record card to establish the reason for the treatment and any previous medical conditions or medications that I need to be aware of before treatment commences. I explain the benefits of having chakra and aura balancing.

Our body has an outer energy field made up of finer and lighter vibrations, which is called the aura, this can be polluted by negative energies. We also have seven main chakras that are found at a point where important glands are present, controlling emotions, Physically, mentally and spiritually, they are our energy Centres, and we need to ensure that the energy flows freely throughout the body and does not become congested.

Advice – I advise my client that I will start at the crown chakra and work down to the root cleansing each chakra in turn, and then proceed to cleanse the aura’s working from the base up wards, this is to allow the flow of energy and release negativity. This will give an overall balance and a sense of wellbeing. 

At this point I use my pendulum, which I have already blessed, checked for accuracy and called upon my assisted guides to help.  I assess each of the seven chakras using my aventurine crystal pendulum to give me a reading by holding it approximately 5 inches above my client’s palm. (download a free guide on how to use a pendulum)

1.Visualising the colour red for the root chakra, I held the pendulum over the wrist, which at first was very slow to react, then gently started to rotate in an anti-clockwise direction picking up speed, indicating that the chakra was blocked

2.Visualising the colour orange for the sacral chakra, I held the pendulum over the thumb; this took a little while to react, then also started to rotate anti-clockwise indicating this chakra was also blocked.

3. Visualising the colour yellow for the solar plexus. I held the pendulum over the middle finger; the chakra was open and balanced.

4. Visualising the colour green for the heart chakra, I held the pendulum over the little finger, this again was slow to react and then turned anti-clockwise picking up quite a speed. This indicated that this chakra was also blocked.

5. Visualising the colour blue for the throat chakra. I held my pendulum over the index finger; the pendulum starts to swing slowly in a clockwise direction, the picks up speed, indicating this charka is open and balanced.

6. Visualising the colour indigo for the third eye, I hold my pendulum over the ring finger, the pendulum swings slowly in a clockwise direction picking up speed, indicating that this charka is open and balanced.

7. Visualising the colour violet for the crown chakra, I hold my pendulum over the palm, this swings in an ant-clockwise rotation picking up speed, indicating this chakra is also blocked.

I then ask GM to lie on the couch and make herself comfortable and to close her eyes, take some deep breaths in and out to the count of five, clear the mind and relax, if anything should arise to acknowledge it, and just say to deal with it later. (Which clients say does work)  I start my sessions with the Kanji hand position, to help assist with the spiritual energy, whilst calling on ascended masters, Archangel Michael for protection, Sureya my guardian angel to help guide me through. I also call on Joha my spirit guide to talk with the clients’ spirit guide to help them on their path to recovery. I also ask to keep us both grounded with a bubble of protection surrounding us.

I draw the following symbols with the palm of my hand over GM head, repeating each symbol three times Choku Rei the energy transformer, being the Symbol of empowerment, and Sei Hei Ki the Symbol 
for harmony and protection for the mental and emotional healing.  I also use the Hui Yin to increase energy levels.

I worked on each chakra for five minutes, making a total of 35mins. Where there were blocked energies my hands sensed coldness. This alerted me that the chakras were not balanced and needed cleansing.

Starting at the crown and working down to the root (as previously trained in Dr. Mikao Usui techniques).

The crown and the third eye cleansing are performed simultaneously.

(a) Crown (Sahasrara)spiritual centre and connection with the divine’ visualising the colour violet ** I ask that each chakra is open and cleansed to receive, love, light, compassion, healing, energy and an overall sense of wellbeing, visualising my self as an open vessel receiving a cascade of white light, which is entering at the top of my head, swirling around my body, down both arms and through my hands transmitting energy to my client.

b) Third eye (Ajna) ‘intuition, perception, insight, knowledge and clairvoyance’ visualising the colour indigo **
as (a)
Covering the eyes with fingers and thumbs together and carefully curving the palms so there is no pressure 2. Placing my hands each side of the head cupping over the ears, with finger pointing towards the feet.  3. Placing the base of my hands together and resting them on the crown. 4. Placing my hands at the base of the skull and gently cradle

(c) Throat (Vishudda) ‘self expression, communication, spiritual dialogue’ visualising the colour blue **as (a) hands laid one over the other and gentle placed under the chin and over the throat area, using a very light pressure.

(d) Heart (Anahata) ‘love of self and self development’ visualising the colour green **as (a) left hand laid on top of the right hand and placed under the neck

(e) Solar plexus (Mani pura) ‘wisdom/power centre’ visualising the colour yellow **as (a) placing hands

(f) Sacral (Svadhisthana) ‘creative & emotional centre, energy centre/hara’ visualising the colour orange

**as (a) hands placed in the middle of the stomach across the naval area.

(g) Root (Muladhara) ‘grounding & survival’ visualising the colour red **as (a) hands placed on the lower stomach across the hips.

I continue down the legs and feet to make sure GM is grounded. I then sweep from her head to her feet, brushing the negative entities from my own hands.

Having rebalanced and re-energised the chakras within the body, I now need to perform an aura cleanse  for impurities around the energy field. (Download your free guide to chakra and auras)

I massage a few drops of lime oil to both my wrists for protection of my own auras and I call upon on my guides and archangel Michael for further protection and ask to keep both GM and myself grounded.

I proceed to cleanse the auras in a sweeping motion, referring to my chart (that I had filled in during the consultation) for guidance.

I start at the root chakra working up the body to the crown chakra, focusing on the 1st 2nd 4th and 7th

Chakras being aware of more stagnant energy than the 3rd, 5th and 6th.

Using my right hand with palm facing downwards, approximately 1 inch above the body surface, I spread my fingers apart, visualising webbing like a fisherman’s net trawling the auras one by one and catching the auric impurities.

I sweep in a slow and systematic upward movement to approximately 15 inches above the body taking around 5 seconds to complete each cleansing process, repeating 3 times.

At each stage I will brush my hands off to remove impurities. 

Once the cleansing process is complete, I will sweep the whole of the body from top to toe, three times, and each time brush my hands and discard the physic debris out through a door or window.

I thank my guides, ascended masters, archangels, and my personal angel and spirit guide for their help, guidance, protection and spiritual embracement throughout our healing journey together.

Aftercare Advise – Once the treatment is complete, I give my client time to come around and then offer them a glass of  water to help remove the toxins. I suggest drinking as much water as possible over the next couple of days to flush out impurities, as the cleansing process continues for up to three days.I would suggest a couple of drops of lime oil massaged onto the wrists or diluted in a brown spray bottle (to avoid contamination), or to use as an essential oil in an aromatherapy burner. This can help to cleanse the aura as well as giving off a pleasant aroma.  Lighted sage, smudged around and over the body Is also very effective. 


GM reported that she felt an overall feeling of lightness as though a weight had been lifted from her body,During the treatment she experienced an array of beautiful colours like a rainbow enveloping and energising her as she felt the heat transfer from my hands o her body. GM said the whole experience was so amazing she booked another appointment for the following week.

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