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Holistic Counselling for High Stress Levels

High Stress Case study using Holistic Counselling & Reiki

Details of counselling consultation

This case study offers insight from a holistic counsellors point of view and how to help a client suffering from great stress using a more holistic approach and offering practical and spiritual solutions.

 I have received a client who asked for help and healing regarding to high level of stress she is feeling continuously caused by her work and relationship situation.

Client preparation

On the session day and prior to receiving the client, I prepared myself and the place for the session. I ensured a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with candles and fresh air. I also practised some meditation, abdominal breathing and energy exercises to reactive my energy and center myself further.


Once she arrived, I greeted her warmly, maintaining a welcoming eye contact and escorted her to the room. I started the session by guiding her to the process, the time-frame…etc., then completed together with her the treatment card as to break the ice and understand her issue and why she has asked for help.

I then invited her to talk about what brought her here. She mentioned that she was currently going through a major stress in her life due to a problem with her work. She recently bought a business and she had troubles with the person whom she bought the business from. The person was an old man who was very well connected in his industry and she was not able to reach a solution with him neither directly with her nor through the professional association in her town. She expressed that this situation was also threatening her career and could harm her professional future.

Active Listening Skills

I was actively listening and helping her to speak out her concerns by paraphrasing what she said. The more she spoke, and I paraphrased the more her content become organized and the more she was able to spot the main themes and focus on the problem itself.

Then I asked her to describe how she was feeling towards the situation she said that she felt unvalued, unappreciated, angry and also lonely since she left her boyfriend few years ago. Since then she has insomnia and she is tired because of lack of sleep.

I then asked her what is the plan B regarding her situation and discussed what she thought about the solutions, actively listening and paraphrasing further the solutions she mentioned until she reached to a satisfying one that she was willing to take and face her problem with. I assured her by rephrasing it again and mentioning how the solution would help solve the issue as per what she mentioned.

Life Style and Health

I asked her about her lifestyle, eating/ drinking habits and whether she did sport regularly. She sounded like she has started with a balanced lifestyle recently and she was content about it.

Breathing Exercise & Chakra Balancing:-

reiki and crystal hands

Based on the information, I recommended that we do abdominal breathing exercises to release stress and calm the mind, as well as Reiki energy healing to heal her emotions, balance her energy and help connect her with her higher self. She accepted gladly the offer and showed trust in the process that will take place.

I asked her to lay down on the Reiki table and checked her chakras with a pendulum (using a chakra vibration chart). Her heart and solar plexus chakras were operating at low vibrations. I started the energy healing by working on her chakras starting from the lower ones and proceeding to the higher ones ending by the crown chakra. I was guiding her to a deep abdominal breath meanwhile. I noticed that her body started to calm down and relax. Her facial expressions looked more at ease.

Reiki Healing

While passing my hands around her shoulders I felt the presence of two angles there, and when I asked her she confirmed the information and she said that she is inviting her angels to guide and support her recently. She felt happy and content that someone other than her could feel the presence of her angels. I mentioned that she should be really happy to have worked to invite her angels to be present with her and assured her to continue further with this spiritual practice. She felt even more confident, enabled and optimistic.

After giving her the Reiki energy healing, balancing/ energizing her chakras and working out her aura, I released all negative energy that was there, then ceiled her aura with the positive affirmations she needed and ended the Reiki healing on that note.

I checked again the chakras vibrations to see how the Reiki affected them, and found that all her chakras were vibrating at high levels, including the heart and solar plexus chakras.

After concluding the Reiki healing, I offered her a glass of water, gave her few minutes to seat her self and continue further with the final feedback.

We discussed how she felt during the Energy healing, and I shared how I felt her energy as well, the results of the chakra check (before and after the healing), and what I think the issue with the stress is and offered consultation how to deal with that in addition to some recommendations to proceed on her own. She showed trust on my advice and willingness to do the needed effort to feel better and less stressed.

I asked her to continue with the abdominal breathing exercises daily to improve relaxation, reduce stress and promote the feeling of well-being. I also recommended her to start with sleep positive affirmations meditations on daily basis and as much as possible to start her day with a morning meditation to give her the power and energy she needs to face her daily problems and interactions positively.

Follow up & Conclusion

I also suggested that we meet again for another session to follow up on, check how things develop at her end and do the necessary healing. She mentioned that she will give me a call whenever she feels the need for that.

I also informed her that she can always reach me by phone and that I will answer briefly to any questions or concerns she has until we meet again, and that I will give her a call after few days to check how she feel.

I called her after few days and she said that she was feeling much better, and for the first time since a long while is sleeping better. She confirmed that she was doing the abdominal breathing exercises daily and whenever she feels stressed out, and that she was sleeping on positive affirmation mediations. She said that she was quite satisfied wit the results and how she feels, and that she will call me later on for another session.

It was the last interaction between us so far. The session ended with very good results and the client was benefited from the session.

End of first consultation:

Further options to study holistic counselling

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