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Details of treatment of Tabby Feline Cat

tabby cat

  1. Social Background, Health History & Overview:

Papi is a healthy three year old, male, [beautiful] gray tabby feline/cat with neon green eyes, a sweet and delicate disposition-almost feminine in nature. He was adopted as an 8 week old kitten, and joined a household with one other grown cat and two dogs. He eats both wet (fish) and dry food, and is given cat treats regularly. He acclimated well, and was soon mothered by the male, American Shorthair cat. They were inseparable, sleeping arm and arm, and sitting with each other throughout the day. Papi was litter box trained with no issues. The household embraces animals, and display affection regularly to all of their pets.

Past issues

A year passed after Papi’s adoption, and the other cat, who is only a few years older, had to have surgery due to an inflamed cyst on his abdomen. The surgery went well, and Jose the cat returned home to recuperate on the couch for three days. The mistress/owner/human slept with Jose on the couch-checking the drain, cleaning the dressing and applying new bandages-while Jose laid on a blanket and towel. Jose did not exhibit pain, although cats do express it differently. He was taking prescription analgesics, and seemed at ease and content. However, when Papi witnessed Jose in such a state, he became agitated.

He attempted to jump on the couch and smell the drain and wound-which the human allowed in order to reassure Papi. She made a point to be calm and talk to Papi as he watched his best friend and ‘parent’ in this condition. Jose healed well, and was back to being active, curious and happy. However, Papi became nervous, easily startled and lacked the calm nature he had previous to Jose’s surgery. He began spraying a strong urine and marking places/things in the house, rather  than using his litter box or going ‘pee’ in the yard. After a week of this, the human took Papi to the vet-suspecting a urinary tract infection (UTI).

The vet was unable to extract enough urine via catheter, but prescribed antibiotics anyway. The vet also took an X-ray of Papi’s kidneys, finding that one was enlarged-yet did not contain kidney stones nor other abnormalities indicating inflammation or disease. The vet stated that the enlarged kidney may be congenital in nature, and not the cause of Papi’s change in behavior. However, the vet, along with a feline expert, feel that Papi experienced a traumatic response to seeing his ‘alpha’ companion  in a state of injury; and thus Papi took it upon himself to take on/be the alpha role-by dominating his territory with his spray. It has been a couple of years since the first events, and Papi continues to spray.

The family has tried several solutions to no avail. They do not want to put Papi on Prozac, which might alter his personality and moods-as they feel it will harm him. They feel it to be cruel to medicate and deaden his senses, emotional; and mental. At this time, Papi has a large enclosure in the house, with several levels, a litter box, a large bed and blanket and a level for food and water. He is put in the habitat while in the house, but also is allowed to sit of his mistress’s lap-as he won’t urinate on her. Most of the day, he is in the yard & trees, playing, hunting, exercising, or resting in a heated enclosure (outside) which he can go in and out of at will. At night, he likes to sleep in his indoor habitat, and then is let out in the morning to go outside. The family would prefer that Papi have the run of the house, and even sleep with them; but Paps sprays the second he is allowed to walk around the house-ruining furniture, curtains, clothes, etc. So the habitat and letting Paps outside under controlled circumstances is their current solution.

Yet, they are concerned about Papi’s happiness and that he endured a trauma. He is still sweet and loves affection; but is ‘skiddish’ and no longer gets along with his former best friend, Jose. He avoids Jose, and Jose chases him. The whole dynamic of their relationship has changed. Later, I may do a session with Jose; but for now I wish to read Papi’s energy, talk/communicate with him, and possibly work through the trauma and post-traumatic feelings and behaviours-so that he may be put at ease and more comfortable in his home and with Jose.

Goal of Case Study

My goal is not to stop the urinating in the house, but to clear the energy which is causing him to feel insecure and possibly upset. Perhaps, after he is more balanced in his energy, he will not feel so inclined to spray once he is more grounded and at Peace.

  1. Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Examination & Impressions

Prior to this session, every session, and every day, I ground myself in Mother Gaia (Earth) and align myself with the Cosmos and Universal/God Energy via meditation, prayer and positive affirmations. I expelled any negativity of thoughts or in my body with visualization techniques and the help of Archangel Michael and Christ/the Christ within. I carried my journal and pen to make notes during our session.

I decided the best place to sit and read Papi with him there, was on the family’s couch with their blanket on my lap-and he on top of it. I asked to be alone with him. Papi didn’t want to sit with me at first, and attempted to dash out of the den/living room-and was on his way to the back door to go out. He also tried to turn his tail to the wall adjacent to the back door and spray urine. I picked him up, held him securely-yet gently, and began speaking to him in a soft, loving voice, verbally and non-verbally.

I spoke positive affirmations to him and told him of my intentions for our time together. I walked him back to the couch, put the cozy blanket on my lap and placed him on it as I stroked him. He turned on his side, allowing me to rub his tummy. He just needed me to show him that I was trustworthy and had affection to offer-and my reason for being there. I began by putting my right palm/hand on his back (solar plexus) in order to communicate and receive information from Papi. I spoke to him with my heart and explained why I was there for him.

Cat Communication

He then began ‘speaking’ to me immediately-so, I began to grasp his thoughts and a rush of feelings from him right away. I knew at this point he was relieved to be ‘heard’ and was not intending on bolting off of my lap. He was there to stay for the session, and knew I was present and listening. He shared that he felt uncomfortable about Jose. That so much had happened since he was a kitten. He had spent his first year as an indoor cat with Jose, and when the family moved, he was then allowed to go outside. He understood that where they lived before wasn’t safe for cats to be outside. Once he was allowed outdoors, it empowered him. He discovered so many things and became proficient in climbing and being a predator for mice. He and Jose continued to sleep together and be friends until ‘that day’ when Jose came home with a wound and blood. Papi said he felt that that was his moment to take over as the cat in charge of the house.

Jose did not like that, and began acting aggressively towards him. Jose turned on him, as a result. Papi does not like confrontation, and doesn’t want to fight. He is more coordinated and better than Jose doing outside things; but he expressed that he knows he is a smaller cat. So, he wants to show his masculinity and right to be in the family, by urinating his scent wherever possible, inside and out. He said that seeing his friend Jose wounded was shocking, and that his instincts were to protect him-but Jose didn’t want protecting. Papi misses the closeness, affection and friendship from Jose and feels alone now. He doesn’t think it is fair that Jose gets to walk around the house, and doesn’t have to go in a ‘cage.’ Despite the differences in how they live in the home, Papi, does like how safe and warm he feels in the ‘cage.’ Sometimes, he really wants to go in it, and other times not. He tells his mommy or daddy when he wants out, and they usually let him back outside or invite him on the couch-unless it is really late at night. Also, Jose can’t get to him when he is in there.

Papi knows that his mommy protects him from Jose, and she makes a point to spend alone time with him on the couch. Papi does not want to be friends with Jose anymore, and does not trust him at all. He feels great loss from this, and decided to just be more independent. Papi would rather be a grown up (adult), independent cat, rather than Jose’s baby now. He has accepted the new dynamics, but he still has fear and insecurities about it. After, I received all of this information, I told Papi aloud and through visualization that I was going to rub and touch him in order to see how and what he was feeling.

cat with chakra stones

Permission to proceed & Chakra Clearing

He gave me permission and was curious to know what I felt and discovered. So, I placed my palm on his brachial chakra (shoulders), and saw that Paps doesn’t always want to be held, but likes to be scratched gently-also he doesn’t always feel connected with his humans. I saw the color black deep and yet not as strong or full of good energy and spinning appropriately. Make a note. Then, I slid my palm down his back to his root chakra (tail bone), and perceived that he has concerns about his own survival, but going outside restores him, and makes him forget about his ‘lower’ worth. I saw red energy and spinning, but slower than what is ideal. Make a note. Then my palm slid upwards to his spleen chakra (naval area), and noticed the orange energy emanating, but felt a certain amount of jealousy-which he doesn’t want to admit to himself. He is also neutered, and the sexual aspect of his life has been eclipsed. So, he expresses it by trying to be more masculine in his activities and through spraying. This area is spinning in the opposite direction. Make a note. Then my hand traveled again to his solar plexus, which is bright yellow and full of God Energy. His desire to mark territory is not about wanting to control Jose, other pets nor his humans. It is a personal and instinctual behavior he feels is helpful and his duty. Then upwards to his heart chakra-where I connected with it on his back and not below on his chest. He has a beautiful green heart, and it is full of love and even forgiveness. There is not much if any jealousy here. He just is and wants to be a good creature/being, and has love for everyone he knows and trusts. He still loves Jose, but has moved on, not wanting anything from him emotionally.

The area is strong. Onward to his neck to the throat chakra, I see a brilliant but, and spinning vibrancy. He knows how to communicate with his meowing and purring-as well as his facial expressions. He is relieved to be able to communicate with my/his spirit now too, and wants his humans to start doing it. Then, to his third eye (brow) chakra, I see a violet blue color-which is strong and communicating very well. It is spinning and healthy. Finally, my palm is on his crown chakra, at the top of his head between the ears. I see and feel the silver-purple color which is light but bright. He has a sense of knowing and connection to the Universe. He is a creature of the Cosmos, and feels unconditional love.

His spirit is quite powerful, but also humble. He has a memory of not being a cat, or in an earthly body. He wants to explore this life, but will be glad to return home someday to a spirit body made of light. As I complete my reading, I feel and observe his etherial body and layers of color in his aura. I see that he has plenty of good God Energy, but some of it needs to be moved around and restore certain weaker areas. He is a kind and gentle soul, who just wants to be safe and loved.

  • Treatment


I then thanked Papi for allowing me to be that close and intimate with him; and explained I was going to perform a healing on him, with him. I said that would communicate with him throughout the entire process, and that it would be comprehensive, but not take too long. He nodded with his spirit, and I proceeded. I started by placing my hands on his brachial chakra (I like to think of this area as where the animal’s angel wings are). I spoke aloud and with my heart and spirit to Papi throughout the entire healing.

Help from Spirit

I said a prayer in my heart, and asked that God, Christ, all of the heavenly angels, the archangels and the Holy Spirit be present and to assist me in healing Papi for his highest and greatest good for the Universe and for his purpose in it. I asked Archangel Michael to enter Papi’s crown chakra with his Holy Sword filled with the Love & Power of Christ via the Holy Spirit, and to use it to release any and all negative energy and traumatic cell memory, as well as insecurities; and to cut all negative cords and relationships-and to restore all positive and purposeful ones. I then asked the color of black space in the heavens and Cosmos, and its energy, be infused into Papi’s brachial chakra.

I moved my hand down to Papi’s root chakra, and asked that the reddest parts of nature, certain planets and energy from Mother Gaia (Earth) be infused into to him; and that he feel grounded in Her with his paws and tail at all times. Then I moved to his spleen (naval) chakra and envisioned a powerful, orange ball of Light from the angels in heaven, and that its magnitude and power be infused into this area of Papi’s body. Then, I went up to his solar plexus, envisioning the sun, it’s Power and yellow warmth, asking it to fill this area. Then, up to his heart chakra, I envisioned Archangel Raphel beaming green rays of Light into Papi’s heart, with God Energy smiling down upon him, wishing him Joy, Peace and Love.

Then, I went to Papi’s throat chakra, and saw blue stars gleaming in the sky as well as in Papi’s throat. They were effervescent and filled him with electric blue cells in his neck and throat. The up to Papi’s third eye (brow) I saw Archangel Michael in a beautiful aura of purple, step forward and stand in Papi’s third eye, assuring him that he too was a warrior and accepted by all in heaven-and should know this on earth. The purple Light filled Papi’s eyes and mind, and he smiled knowingly in his spirit. Finally, I was touching Papi’s crown chakra with my hand, heart and etherial body. Christ came and put His hand on top of Papi’s head and blessed him with White Light, saying that he loves Papi, and how special he is. I sat quietly for a moment, taking in all of the Love and Acceptance from these Highest Powers, and noticing that they showed such appreciation, adornment and love for this little cat. Papi felt it, though his eyes had been closing throughout the session. I was in awe as was Papi. I then spoke aloud saying thank you and feeling gratitude at the deepest level to God, Christ, the angels in heaven, the archangels and the Holy Spirit. I said, “Namaste, and so it is.” I then told Papi the session was done, and he already knew-joking with me a bit. I smiled and thanked him for his time and trust.

Confirmation from the Cat

He thanked me, and I felt his confidence and sense of relief that he had moved on from the energy which was a lower vibration, and not healthy for him. I sensed that he had a better perspective of himself and his animal & human family. I asked if he wanted to go outside, and he did. I said goodbye as I let him out the door. I then asked his mistress for a few minutes to make some notes, and to create a list of recommendations.

  1. Recommendations:
  • Begin using Bothe verbal and non-verbal communication with Papi, which honors the relationship and his presence in your life. Do some energy clearing and meditation or prayer at the start of your day, and before talking to him. Clear all negative thoughts, and learn to be in the present with Papi, as well as your other pets. I shall send you some web links of short meditations, of which some include prayers. Your animals want you to connect to them throughout the day. They see their lives as more important than anything that may be in the past or future which concerns you. Let Paps and Jose be their own unique selves, and not displeased or sad about how they interact. You can discuss it with Papi and Jose, but be careful not to shame them or use negative language. Instead offer positive affirmations and let them know of your intentions for them. Instill Papi with self-esteem and validation.
  • I have given you three small stones of which each eminates a unique frequency for the chakras where Papi needs balancing. The black is for his brachial chakra (shoulders-angel wings); the red is for his root (tail bone-base of back where tail starts) chakra; and the orange for his spleen (naval) chakra. They have been washed in warm water and salt water, laid in the sun for 24 hours, and have been blessed. Put one on each of the three levels in the corners of his habitat. If you find he is overstimulated by them, interchange one a day on a level away from his bed.
  • Purchase some Geranium essential oil from your local health food store, along with a small plastic or glass spray bottle. Add mineral or spring water to the bottle, and then several drops of the Geranium oil. Shake the bottle to mix, and spray the mist in the air a few times a day near Papi’s habitat and on his bed once a week. This offers aromatherapy which has certain properties to help relieve him of bad memories and anxiety. It also helps the kidneys function better. If you decide you wish to apply the concentrated essential oil directly to his body-such as his back above his kidneys, please consult the supplement specialist at the health food store or contact your vet about frequency and dosage.
  • Purchase flower essence/Bach remedy of Elm, and add 2-4 drops a day to the water in his habitat. Change out water daily, and make sure you stir the water properly for dilution. Essence of Elm will assist Papi in feeling less frazzled/nervous and more confident-and wanted/important to you.

Conclusion and follow up suggested

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions & concerns. I would like to do a short distant reading of him in a couple of weeks; as well as get feedback from you about his progress. Please contact me for a phone consult. Thank you.

end of case study


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