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Healing Session with Crystals

How to use Crystals

Using crystals for a full chakra healing session

I started out with a clearing technique using sage to clear out any negative energy and emotions that my client may have accumulated. I then rubbed the coconut fused with cinnamon bark oil on my clients’ chest, neck and temples to soothe the mind and aid in the releasing of any unwanted negative emotions.

I asked Archangel Michael to empower me and Archangel Gabriel to aid in clarity and visions of inspiration that may be helpful to him and me during the healing session. I then began to diagnose his chakras with my multi hued chakra inspired crystal pendulum. Starting with the top of the head I slowly moved the pendulum over all chakras and noticed the sacral and root chakra appeared a bit overactive with the third eye and crown chakra a bit under active. Noticing the unbalanced state of his chakras I began to intuitively select the best crystals for each chakra.

Crown chakra:

clear quartz
Medium sized clear quartz crystal facing outwards to let in light energy
And a tumbled amethyst was place right above his head

Third Eye Chakra:

lapiz lazul
I chose Lapis Lazuli to open the chakra and quiet the mind. I also placed 2 clear quartz crystals for this chakra; the 2 quartz crystals were surrounding the Lapis Lazuli facing outwards to release.

Throat Chakra:


Chalcedony was used to absorb any negative effects anger and resentment had stored in the aura as well as to stimulate harmony with the mind and body.

Heart Chakra:

rose quartz

I used rose quartz for healing and placed 4 single terminated clear quartz crystals surrounding the rose quartz with points facing outwards to aid in releasing.

Solar Plexus Chakra: I placed Yellow Jasper to enhance emotional balance and nurturing.

yellow jasper

Sacral Chakra: Tigers’ Eye was used to encourage optimism and balance.

tigers eye

Root Chakra: I used obsidian for grounding. I placed one clear quartz Crystal beside both feet to ground the light energy.

obsidian grounding stone

I used the pendulum clockwise for the root chakra alternating throughout all the chakras until I felt the chakras received enough energy. I had the client laying there for a total of 15 minutes. I smoothed away any excess energy with my hands and my black feather then had him lie there for additional 10 minutes. I then began to remove the stones in the original order they were placed. Once removed I gave him a third eye massage with my thumbs starting my way from the third eye to the top of the forehead line and down to the temples on both sides. I encouraged him to get up slowly when he felt ready. When he got up I gave him a small cup of water.

Post Healing session:
After the healing session I asked how Mr. W was doing and he informed me that he felt a bit light-headed and a bit sleepy. I assured him that those feelings are a natural affect of the healing process and should wear off soon. He also mentioned that when I had placed the Lapis Lazuli on his forehead he felt a bit tense but wore off as he continued to breathe in and out deeply. I recommended that he takes a few minutes out of his day to practice breathing techniques while meditating. During the session I wasn’t able to pick up any intuitive messages but recommended that he come for healing sessions at least twice a month to assist him with balancing and clearing his aura to prevent future build-up and tension.

Follow- up
I had called a few days later to check in on Mr. W and he said that he hasn’t been feeling as tense or as stressed since the session and made an appointment for the next session.

I notated all emotional reactions and follow up information on patient assessment form. (case study complete)

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