dowsing using a pendulum for psychic development

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We are very proud to offer only high quality accredited diploma and certificate courses. However, we are aware that as a lot of our course work covers subjects such as chakra, auras, and using a pendulum that to have a basic knowledge of these subjects can be helpful when starting to study with Luna Holistics. We have put together some free mini courses for  you to choose from. So whether you want to learn about crystals,  how to see auras, or have a greater understanding of what your actual chakras are then these are ideal. You can download your free course immediately so you have no need to wait and can start to learn the very basics of how working with our chakras and auras really does define us as spiritual beings. Start learning with Luna Holistics today. We now have thousands of students whom have gone on to work as professional therapists throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide. So if you are considering a new career then your journey starts here.

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Indian Head Diploma Course

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