Detox your Home for Positive Energy

Learn how to Detox Your Home and create more positive Energy Flow

British people spend nearly 13000 hours during a lifetime cleaning their homes. Homes are where we usually spend a great deal of our time, our safe havens, so it’s important that we find ways to make our living spaces more healthy. white funiture for detox home

Additionally, our home environment is somewhere which reflects our inner selves through positive energy and tranquility. While we focus on holistic ways to improve our health, we should also be spending time looking to enhance our environment through cleansing our minds and bodies by finding ways to purify our energy. If you want to remove toxins and declutter from the home, follow these simple steps to create positive indoor spaces.

Clean and organise

When a home feels overwhelmed by clutter and disorganisation, it’s time to rid yourself of chaos in order to let in positive energy for a clearer way forward and add a boost to your wellbeing. Start by clearing out the things you don’t need one room at a time and work out what items can be repurposed or sent off to the charity shop. Once a room has been transformed into a lighter space, you can begin cleaning using natural or homemade products to get the job done efficiently from top to bottom. Pay special attention to dusty areas to keep your home free of allergens, particularly if you have hayfever or asthma, in order to give your home an organic cleaning experience.

Smells and scents

aromatherapy room with nice smell

Whether you have pets or not, making your home smell nice the moment you walk into the door will not only create a relaxing ambiance but will also have many health benefits. Chemical air fresheners can trigger asthma or allergy symptoms and while no one wants to breathe in air that is musty, it’s important to use natural cleansers to restore and induce peacefulness in your living quarters. Place scented candles or make your own with citrus fruit skins and use fragrant plants or herbs to purify the air quality around the home. It’s also a good idea to dilute essentials oils of your choice to spray furniture and carpets, and you can even have different smells for specific rooms.

Nature and light

Bringing nature into a home environment is essential for achieving our desires for a healthy and happy homelife. Choose natural colours for decor and furniture made from organic materials to create a closer bond with nature from inside your home. Be sure to open windows everyday and find ways to bring in natural light into rooms which can be a great solution to replenishing living spaces with fresh oxygen and Vitamin D from sunlight. Adding holistic elements of nature will bring tranquil feelings and help you spend a relaxing time indoors.

While our everyday lives can be fraught with stress and constant busyness, spending the time to naturally cleanse and refresh your home will turn it into a green oasis for everyone to enjoy at all times of the year.

Source: Jess Walter


Extra Tip

Feng shui is a great way to positively energise, declutter and attract positive enenergies into your home or workplace.


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