Chakra and Aura Healing – Case Study Example

lady with chakra stones and pendulum

This is a genuine case study showing how this student performed a full chakra and aura session on their client.


Before my client arrive I prepared by cleansing the room and the massage table to ensure no lingering energies were present.  I lit some candles and put on some music to create a nice relaxing atmosphere, made sure the treatment room was warm enough and got some pillows and a blanket prepared for my clients comfort.  I then spent some time grounding and protecting myself and cleansing my chakra crystals and pendulum ready for the treatment to begin.

Starting the Treatment
I began the treatment by having a chat with my client about what he would like to get out of the treatment, any health or emotional issues he may have and completed the treatment card.  He advised he was generally is good health, mentioning only a sore left shoulder and mentioning that he suffered from heartburn from time to time.  He also advised that he felt quite agitated, angry and unsettled lot of the time.

What are chakras?

Next I explained to him a little about what the aura and chakras are, what the treatment would involve, the benefits of the treatment and that I would be using a pendulum to assess each chakra and crystals to balance the chakras during his treatment.  Finally I asked him to select an essential oil for the oil diffuser and he selected Lavender.

I asked my client if he was comfortable with removing his shoes and lying on the massage table, which he was.  I then covered him with a blanket to ensure he was warm enough and asked him to let me know if at any stage he was uncomfortable with anything.  I also asked if he would like to go through a visualisation or meditation before we begin, if he would like the crystals positioned on him or next to him, and if he would prefer a hands on or hands off treatment – he replied no to meditation or visualisation, crystals on and hands off.

To begin I laid my chakra crystals and pendulum on the massage table alongside his body and asked my client to close his eyes.  I informed my client I was now going to begin the treatment by using the pendulum to assess his chakras.
I assessed the chakras one by one and found the following:

Root: balanced
Sacral: balanced
Solar Plexus: slightly under developed
Heart: under developed
Throat: very over developed
Third Eye: just balanced
Crown: balanced

Placement of the Chakra Crystals

I informed my client I would now place the crystals one at a time on each chakra from root to crown.  Before I place each crystal I visualise the chakra as a lotus flower in the corresponding colour opening its petals, ready to accept the healing light energy.  I use the large, flat, chakra stones as follows:

Root: Red Carnelian placed on the right hip
Sacral: Orange Calcite placed just below the navel
Solar Plexus: Yellow Aventurine placed halfway between the navel and chest
Heart: Green Aventurine placed in the centre of the chest
Throat: Light Blue Turquoise placed on the right shoulder (so it was not too strong on throat)
Third Eye: Dark Blue Sodalite place in the centre of the forehead just above the eyebrows
Crown: Purple Amethyst placed on edge on the bed and propped up onto the head

Balancing chakras
I inform my client I’m now going to balance the chakras and ask him to let me know if he feels any discomfort.  I held my hands over each placed crystal, beginning with the root chakra and visualised the corresponding colour of light flooding into the chakra, healing it and bringing it into perfect balance.  I stand over the chakra until I feel it no longer needs further light, then move on to the next one.  The time this takes varies depending on my client’s needs.  Once I have gone from root to crown I repeat the process to ensure that healing one chakra has not caused another to become imbalanced.
During this stage of the treatment I found that the first time I worked through the chakras the Throat and Heart chakras did indeed need the most work, on the second time the Solar Plexus needed the most work as it had become imbalanced.

Following the chakra balance I advise my client I am going to check each chakra with the pendulum again to ensure they are now in balance.  I do this in the same way as before and find they are now all in balance.

I inform my client I am now going to remove the crystals and close the chakras.  This time I begin at the Crown chakra and work my way down the body to the Root.  As I remove the crystal I visualise the lotus flower petals closing.

I now inform my client I will clear his aura to remove any remaining stagnant energy.  I did this by raking through my clients aura, my hand open with my fingers separated allowing my own aura to draw any impurities out.  I visualise a pot of white protective light next to me and after each pass of my hand I shake the energy I have removed off my hands into the white light to be neutralised.  Once the whole aura has been cleared, I go back over the body and smooth the outside of the aura whilst visualising healing white light all around my client.

Completed Treatment

The treatment is now complete and I inform my client of this.  I advise him to take his time and sit up when he feels ready.  I give him a glass of water and ask him to take small sips.  I also offer him a snack as I find eating following a treatment aids with grounding.  I ask if my client how he is feeling as some people may feel slightly light headed or disorientated, he replied that he felt fine.  I asked if he felt anything during the treatment and he advised that he felt tingling and twitches in his left shoulder where the pain is, he had felt like he needed to cough a few times during the treatment and that he felt pulling when I was carrying out the aura cleansing.  He advised that he felt really calm and serene.

Before my client left I advised him that following the treatment he may feel more thirsty than normal so drink plenty of water.  To avoid alcohol and caffeine and to refrain from smoking for at least 48 hours if at all possible.  I also advised him that he may feel emotional or experience mood swings, his pain may appear worse and his body temperature may fluctuate over the next 24-48 hours.  I advised that this is perfectly normal, this should be a temporary state and should subside, however if he experienced any severe symptoms or felt unwell he should seek professional medical advice.
The day after the treatment I contacted my client to receive some feedback:

“I feel relaxed and contented.  I think that regular treatments will really help me get in control of my anger issues, I can already see changes in how I react to things…this really is the best I have felt in as long as I can remember.”

Source: Case study written by Luna Student – Studied Chakra & Aura Course

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