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What is Reflexology Good For?

Benefits of Reflexology

Discover some amazing benefits of having a reflexology treatment

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Reflexology is an ancient practise; in use for thousands of years, that involves applying pressure on areas of the hands, feet or even ears to help treat conditions in other areas of the body. Both Egyptians and the Chinese have texts describing the methods and for what conditions, along with the benefits it produces, especially when practised regularly.  Today you will find a number of clinics or alternative medicine clinics still using these exercises to treat a wide variety of symptoms in patients.  Keep reading for a description of the many benefits that can be had at the hands of a good practitioner.


It’s widely believed in reflexology circles that a treatment can increase your metabolism and subsequently, your energy levels.  If you’re feeling low or dragging yourself tiredly through your day, it might help to have a session and see what type of energy increase you may experience.


During reflexology, your circulation and blood flow can be improved.  In this way your body has the chance to benefit from improved flow of oxygen and the nutrients that blood brings through your system.  This can also help repair damaged cells and increase organ function, allowing your systems to work in harmony.


When our bodies harbour toxins, they can’t operate smoothly.  By increasing the ability of your intestines and bladder and improving their natural functions of elimination, reflexology can help your body release built up toxins.  The better your system works in harmony, the easier it becomes to heal from the inside out.


Reflexology isn’t a method for curing cancer, but it is known to help ease the side effects from cancer treatment.  It can reduce the effects of chemo by lowering the feeling of nausea and other stomach upset, and help to relax the patient.  There are some who feel that increased circulation brought about by treatments, along with the idea that reflexology helps to stimulate antioxidant activity, can help the body actually fight cancer cells and slow its spread.


Patients who go for regular sessions experience a more relaxed feeling both during and after the treatment, and say that it helps them to maintain a more level mood in general.  They are better able to handle stresses of the week ahead and claim to feel less of an emotional strain when dealing with difficult situations.  During the treatment they’re able to ease into a feeling of calm and release pressures that they may have been harbouring, leaving them feeling as if a weight has been lifted.


Reflexology can ease migraines and headaches, and this is actually one of the most common conditions that send people seeking out this type of medical treatment.  Relieving the tension in muscles in a relaxed atmosphere is often enough to ease head pain, along with the soothing effects of reducing stress which is often the culprit for bringing on migraines in the first place.


pregnant woman Women who are pregnant or those who suffer painful menstruation are said to be able to ease their symptoms with regular reflexology.  Pregnant women can help alleviate the need for pain medications during labour, as well as reduce labour times and hasten healing afterwards.  Reflexology can help reduce the likelihood of post partum depression and allow a woman to get back on track sooner rather than later.  If a woman suffers painful cramps during menstruation, reflexology can help alleviate the pain and discomfort.


If you are looking to benefit from this treatment, seek out a skilled practitioner and enjoy all of the positive aspects these types of treatments can bring to your life and your overall well being.


Source: This article was written by Sam Socorro from Steam Shower Store. She has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specializes in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.

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