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What does your palm say about you? do you have Fire,  Water, Earth or Air hands

An old saying goes “Put your future in good hands – your own.” If a palm reader were to respond, it might sound like “no need, it is already on your palms”. We carry a lot more on our hands than we notice. I am not talking about the readings that palm readers make, but the means to which they do them. Every detail on a palm is material for the palm reader.

Things like shape of the palm, length of fingers, lines within the palm all carry hidden messages. These messages show character and future outcomes of the individual. What could palm readers be seeing that the ordinary eyes cannot?

Palm readers do not see different from the ordinary eyes. They are able establish the relationships between the unique characteristics of the palms. Take a minute to examine your palm.

Do you see those lines the run through the center of your palms? Do you notice the shape of the gap between the lines? Do you see smaller lines running through the palm? All these form the material for the palm reader. If you are dealing with pain (on your palm), make use of CBD tincture. It is effective for pain relief.

As with every art, it is easy to come across those who con others to make money. This article is for people who know for sure the efficacy of palmistry. It provides deeper knowledge on the subject matter.

Here the top elements of palm reading

1. Earth

Earth is full of activity. When a person plants a seed, a lot may be going on under the soil than we see above. When the seed germinates and grows, what goes on with the roots is a mystery to those looking at the plant from above. Earth is practical, fruitful, mysterious and sometimes angry. The earth hand is not far from this. The earth hand is the same length from the wrist to the root of the fingers to the width. This looks like a square. It has short thick fingers. People with the earth hand often have the following characteristics:

  • They are reliable and strong
  • Simple and practical
  • Very handy and good with their hands
  • They are consistent and do not get tired of repetitive tasks
  • They usually conservative but prone to react when provoked.


  • 2 Fire

Fire is red, hot and is constantly moving. The heat from the fire can warm or purify. Fire hands are rectangular or square with short fingers. They are different from earth because of the flushed or pink skin color. The length of the palm from the wrist to the root of the fingers is shorter than the length of the fingers. People with fire hands tend to have various lines in their palm that is difficult to read than water. Those with fire hands will show the following characters

  •  Short fuse and easily provoked
  •  They react violently and briefly to provocation.
  • They dislike doing the same thing for a long time
  • They are warm and friendly
  • They empathize with the plight of people easily
  • They are highly energetic
  • They enjoy creative ideas

3. Water

Water is still and serene. Water can also be raging and strong when influenced by other elements. Water is powerful and often takes the shape of its container. Water hands are slender and long with long fingers. People with water hands tend to exhibit the following characters

  •  They are capable of experiencing and expressing deep emotions
  • They tend to idealize and criticize
  • They are receptive and adaptive
  • They have rich imaginative capabilities
  • They like to spend time with the people they love
  • They are accommodating and enjoy the reliable company

4. Air

Air easily influences the other elements. Air can be gentle and abundant. It can also be forceful and destructive. The nature of air makes it easier to influence other elements. The air hand is usually square but with long fingers. The length of the palm from the wrist to the root of the fingers is usually equal to the length of the fingers. People with this hand are

  • Expressive and witty
  • They prefer facts and logic over intuition or emotions
  • They enjoy careers that involve communicating with people
  • They are intelligent and competent
  • They are spontaneous and fun to be around
  • They easily distrust emotions

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