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The Second Chakra


The 2nd Chakra

Colour: Orange
Element: Water
Sense: Taste
Symbols:  6 petalled lotus

Associated Organs: Pelvic girdle, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder. All liquids such as blood, lymph, gastric juices. 

Associated Glands: Ovaries, prostrate gland, testicles.

Astrological signs and planets:
Cancer/Moon: Receptiveness and fertility. LIbra/Venus: Attention to ones self, creativity, sensuality.
Scorpio/Pluto: sensual desires, transformation through giving up ones ego in sexual union.

The second charka is also known as the spleen center. 

Purpose and Function of 2nd Chakra
This chakra is the center of unfiltered emotions, sexual energies and creativity. Its assigned element is water and water fertilizes and continually produces new life. 
Our interpersonal relationships and especially with the opposite sex are influenced in a decisive manner by the functions of the 2nd chakra. 

When this chakra is working in harmony and balanced you will be open towards yourself and others. Sexual unions will present you with an opportunity to balance and perform the male and female energies. You will feel creative and sense of life energy flowing through your body, soul and mind. Your feelings are genuine and un-distorted and your actions will be creative.

A malfunctioning of this chakra quite often originates during puberty. As the awakening sexual energies can cause you to be in a state of uncertainty, and as parents and educators are rarely capable of teaching young people how to hand these energies. Frequently there may have been a lack of tendency and bodily contact stemming from early infancy. This may lead in later life to a feeling of rejection sexually. There could be tensions and uncertainty regarding the opposite sex.

Children whom have experienced a lack of sensual stimulation in the form of touches, caresses, tenderness and affection quite often suffer in later life with this chakra blocked. This can show in a lack of self esteem, sexual coldness and life can seem dreary to you and you may feel its not worth living. 

How to Cleanse and Activate the 2nd Chakra

One way to really activate this chakra is to use Moonlight.  Contemplation or touching of clear water out-of-doors will stimulate the second chakra. The moon especially a full moon will brighten your feelings and make you more receptive for the messages your own soul will want to reveal to you and this is quite often through dreams and imagination  The quiet contemplation of a clear natural body of water or immersement in it, or even for a few mouthfuls of water taken directly from a spring will help to cleanse and purify your soul and free it from emotional blockages and congestion  meaning that the life force within you can flow unhindered.


Any kind of “flowing music” will help to awaken a carefree joy of life that is suitable to activate this chakra. Listening to birdsong, or running water such as fountains will be beneficial.

Vowel: The sacral chakra is activated by a closed .>0< like the letter “o” in November.
Mantra: VAM

Using clear shades of Orange will help to activate this chakra as orange supplies us with a stimulating, renewing energy. It can encourage self esteem. According to Ayurveda, orange is the inner colour of water.

Carnelian: The carnelian bring you into contact with creative energy. It can help you to live in the present and can help to simulate concentration.
Moonstone: This stone will help you to open up your emotional richness. It will help to connect you to your sensitive and receptive side and can help to banish fear of emotions. On a physical level it encourages a cleansing of the blocked lymph glands. In woman it ensures a balanced hormone level is kept.

YLANG YLANG – essential oil which is obtained from the blossom of the ylang ylang tree is known to be a aphrodisiac. With its relaxing effect and its sweet fragrance it encourages you to entrust yourself to the natural flow of your feelings. Built up negative feelings will be dissolved and carried away with the fragrance.
SANDLEWOOD: – This oil is popular in the Far East and often used to increase sexual energy. It also help to awaken and activate the imagination.

Using chakra stones with a pendulum can help to locate and remove any blocked chakras. Also taking a course in chakra and aura healing is another way to balance and harmonize your chakras on a daily or weekly basis.

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