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Reiki Consultation

My client is a 19 year old female who has been playing basketball since she was 5 years old. She works full time in retail and is currently supporting herself by herself after her mother passed away last year; all of this along with having to suddenly live on her own for the first time and put going to school on the backburner is what caused her to rate her stress level 4/5. After years of basketball, she does occasionally suffer from muscle and joint stiffness. When I asked her what she expected from treatment, she said she wasn’t sure, but was looking forward to a relaxing experience.

Starting the First Treatment
I first started with setting up the room; I started playing my reiki cd and began to set my altar with the 4 elements (glass of water, white candle, sage burning in a glass jar, and my personal clear quartz pyramid). I then, while using white sage on myself, did my own personal prayers by giving Thanks to the Infinite Creator for allowing me to be a vessel for Universal Healing Energy, and I gave thanks to my personal Guides and Ancestors for continuing to protect me and I asked them to guide me through this healing process. I then began to do my breathing technique for centering myself (inhale through my nose, hold for 3 counts, then exhale slowly through my mouth). I then did a grounding technique of picturing roots from my feet receiving infinite universal knowledge and energy from the core of the Earth.

I then let in my client and began to smudge her with white sage, and while I did this I asked her personal guides to continue to protect her through this healing process and asked them that whatever message she needed to hear to convey it to her today. I then had her do my breathing technique to help her center herself and also talked her through my grounding technique to help her with grounding herself. I then had her lay down, and I stood at her crown. I closed my eyes, took some deep breaths and stood with hands at Kanji 1 to bring in spiritual energy. I then switched to Kanji 2 after about 30 seconds to bring whatever Spirits that would be helping guide us through this closer. I held that position for about 30 seconds and switched to Kanji 3 and listened for any kind of message that would be helpful and in all honesty, all I could think about was her mother. (Learn psychic development)

Scanning the Body
I then began to scan her body for any temperature change or some kind of sense of any areas that might need any help. I honestly didn’t feel anything in my first scan, so when I got down to her root chakra area, I returned back to her crown and took a few more deep breaths to collect myself then tried to scan again; I didn’t want to force it but I wanted to make sure that this second time I was completely open to feeling the energy.

During the second scan, I noticed a little extra warmth around her throat and root chakra. After scanning, I then go back to her crown and begin to do some energy sweeping, sweeping downwards toward her feet and away from her body. I keep sweeping and picking until I intuitively felt like I needed to check each chakra again. I then pulled out a pendulum I made with copper wire and a pointed clear quartz and steadied it over each chakra starting from the crown and working my way down. I had never used a pendulum, so it was amazing to see it picking up on her subtle energies. I explained briefly and in a low calming voice to her the purpose of the pendulum;(learn to use a pendulum) that since all things of this Earth share energy, just on different frequency levels including the pendulum, it will be able to pick up on any energy shifts in her body which will bring to my attention what areas need work. Right before I would steady the pendulum over each chakra, I would briefly explain where each chakra was located and what aspects of our lives that chakra governed. While steadied over her crown almost immediately there was a wide clockwise rotation. Over her 3rd eye, there was a slight clockwise rotation, as well as over her sacral and root. Over her throat, it only moved side to side, not in a circle. But over her heart and her solar plexus, there was no movement at all.

Healing Hands
After this, I started to get ready to get into my healing hands. (learn energy healing) I positioned my left hand over her heart, and my right hand over my left hand and closed my hands. I envisioned a bright white light coming straight from the Infinite Creator entering into her heart chakra, spinning around sweeping out all her hurt and pain she had to go through, and imagined all of that darkness being taken back into the Universe. I held this position for well over 5 minutes then felt inclined to “pluck” away at some of that hurt that weighed on her heart. After this, I moved down to her solar plexus and began to use my healing hands there, too. I didnt really feel inclined to pluck like I did at her heart, but I envisioned the same healing white light coming down and swirling through her solar plexus and taking all the things that were blocking her back into the Universe. After spending some time there, I used my pendulum again and actually noticed a change in the solar plexus, but none in the heart. I eventually had to end up working over her heart chakra 3 times before there was any kind slight change. After I felt like her heart was ready for me to move on, I decided it was time to end our session so I returned to her crown and started to scan her body from top to bottom to see if I can feel any energy changes still. When I reached her feet, I placed my hands at the bottom of her feet and I gave thanks to the Infinite Creator for allowing me to be a vessel for Universal Healing Energy,

 I gave thanks to my Guides for protecting and guiding me through her healing process and I thanked her personal Guides for their presence during the process. I then told her to take her time getting up and when she was ready to join me for some water.
I asked her how she felt and she told me she kept dozing off and she felt so relaxed. I asked her if there was anything that could’ve made the experience better and all she said was she hopes that next time we have a session we could be completely alone because there were some family members in her apartment in the other room that occasionally made some noise. As far as any outpatient advice, I wasn’t sure what I could actually suggest for her without being qualified to do so, but I did advise her to start drinking more water throughout the day because she told me that she doesn’t really drink any water. I also offered to make her a rose quartz necklace, because I do make copper wire jewelry with healing stones, to try and give her something tangible that could help ease some of the emotional hurt she has. I also told her to think about how exactly she felt she grieved over her mother’s passing and if she felt like she did it in a healthy way, and that the next time we met up for a session we would talk about her grieving process. I also told her that if she ever needed to talk about it to not hesitate to call me. After she left, I smudged the room and myself and drank some more water.


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