Its the Thought that Counts


Can just thinking about someone really help them to heal?

How can just thinking about someone make them feel better? It may seem strange but there is much evidence to suggest this really does work.

In the 1970,s a New York Psychologist called Joyce Goodrich ran an experiment to test whether patients could tell when distant healers were working on them. She told them to expect absent healing on certain days – but little did they know that he healing was only ‘sent’ to them on an irregular basis. Yet independent judges recorded that almost all of the people receiving distance healing reported knowing that they were being healed at exactly the moment it was really happening.

In another American experiment, similar groups of healees proved that they knew when they were being prayed for, or even simply being thought of intensely by distant healers. As one healer, Dr Daniel Benor, put it “Absence can make the heart grow stronger”

Reiki healers have long known that distance healing works and use this to great effect. There are reiki healing circles where healers joins together to send healing at a certain time, It is thought that the power of reiki healers when working together increased the effects. There are many form of healing both touch and none touch. If you want to send healing to someone then simply sit in a relaxed state and visualize the person you wish to send healing to. You can ask your guide or angels to help send them healing and imagine them covered in a glowing light. Sending love and healing to anyone can never ever harm them. Its helpful when someone is in hospital or you are far away from a person you know who is in need of healing. This helps not only them but you also as you are not helpless when you are actively sending loving healing thoughts.

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