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Chromotherapy & Colour Affirmations Case Study

Chromotherapy case study

Treatment Card: Completed
Physical Ailment: Anaemia
Chosen course of treatment: Chromotherapy with Colour Affirmations and Meditations

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Pre-Session Consultation:
Client arrived on time and completely dressed in Blue. She even chose to sit in the chair that was predominantly Blue during our consultation. This gave me the feeling of someone clinging to a security blanket as there was some hidden sadness within. When asked what colours she was drawn to she promptly said that all she seemed to be seeing was Blue, she even said that Blue seemed to be “calling out” to her which she found strange because she would usually be happiest while surrounded by Orange. I continued by inquiring when she started to notice this need for blue and she informed me that this was the third day. During our conversation the client was caught yawning several times and evading eye contact which indicated tiredness and a lack of self-confidence. I asked her how she was feeling emotionally and she told me after a long pause that she didn’t know. She said that she was experiencing indecisiveness that made her feel sad and incapable. I asked her if she would be comfortable just talking for a while, she agreed to it and I shared a bit about myself and what Chromotherapy was all about and she sat back and shared with me some of her concerns and beliefs about holistic care.

Session 1:
The client was led into a dimly lit room with no music just the relaxing sounds of the wind and birds flowing through an opened window. She was then told to lie down on the treatment table on her back and to take a few moments to centre herself. When she was settled the treatment began with 10 minutes of Red light at the base of her feet followed by 5 minutes of Blue light upon her throat. After a brief check in on her comfort levels and her emotional needs, we then continued on to the second course of the treatment which was 5 minutes of Yellow light on her Solar Plexus followed by 2 minutes and 30 seconds of Violet above the crown of her head. Upon completion of her treatment she was then asked to do a series of deep breathing exercises and was given colour affirmations for each colour used during her treatment, to practice at home until our next session the following day.

Post-Session Consultation:
The client was visibly difference in body posture, she even shared with me that something that happened at home had “knocked her off her game” and left her feeling down. She said she came to the session because her period was due to start in a few days and she wanted to see if the treatment for Anaemia would change the weakness and lethargy she usually felt during her cycle. But she did not expect to actually feel anything physically or emotionally and definitely not immediately. At this point I shared with her some of my knowledge about the connections between emotional and physical pains and how light and colour can affect the energetic fields within and around us.

Session 1 Therapist Review:
Upon meeting Sage I was aware of a slight lack in self-confidence and because of this I followed my gut and used the secondary light treatment of Yellow and Violet after her initial treatment of Red and Blue for her Anaemia.

Her anaemia on its own told me that there was a feeling of insecurity present within her as there was an imbalance in her Base Chakra which represents our need for security and her Throat Chakra which represents our ability to speak our truths. Yellow was chosen to encourage her to communicate and the Violet ray was used to invoke wisdom and creativity into her words and actions.

What I was amazed to find was not only did she respond mentally to the treatment but also physically as well. During her 10 minutes of Red light she expressed to me a feeling of warmth creeping up her legs and with the Blue light she felt a tingling along her neck and rib cage that within those 5 minutes turned into a full on neck pain that brought her to the brink of tears. This scared me, however I kept calm and asked for her to trust me and I continued to follow my gut and proceeded on with the Yellow and Violet parts of the session. The Yellow ray caused a warming feeling in her chest and upper stomach and the Violet created a cooling effect along her head and neck that caused her to relax and her neck pain to subside significantly. Due to her painful response I advised her to check in with her chiropractor as she did inform me of an accident she had a couple years prior, and to not continue Chromotherapy treatments with me unless given the all clear, as what she thought might be healed may not be completely. However I did believe that she would benefit greatly from Colour related counselling and meditations.

Session 1 Client’s Review:
I must say I went into this session not thinking I would feel anything at all, but not only could I feel physical changes in my body as I responded to each colour, I was blown away by the amount of pain I felt and equally in awe at the amount of relief that occurred in such a short space of time. It did help that I was able to relax and my therapist made sure that I was comfortable but even I was aware of her inexperience as her face showed just as much shock as I felt. On an emotional level I felt so much more confident walking out the door than I did walking through it, I felt revived and not as scared and anxious as I would usually feel and that was amazing in and of itself. But later that night I cried my eyes out and if Leanne hadn’t informed me before I left the session that physical pains are often attached to emotional ones I would have thought I was going crazy but just like the coloured lights had woken up an old injury they also opened up an old heartache that I was finally able to grieve without fear and regret. I felt like a new person and I couldn’t wait to see Leanne the next day and thank her for what she had done for me.

Session 2:
Due to unforeseen circumstances the client was unable to attend her session physically however we were able to consult with each other via video chat and I could already see from the bright smile she greeted me with that even though a mere 24 hours had passed by she was already feeling much happier. This was confirmed by her usage of Orange amongst the Blue in her attire. She shared with me her emotional revelations from the night before and she was even proud to say that her mind didn’t feel as foggy as it did the day before and that this feeling of clarity was doing wonders for her decision making. Her neck pains hadn’t returned but I still impressed upon her the importance of being checked out by her doctor just to be safe. While on our 30 minute call we did a 5 minute Golden light visualisation as well as a Chakra balancing meditation that she agreed to do on her own every night before bed. Before the call ended she said she was going to go paint her nails Yellow. We both laughed and I explained to her that the Orange, that she wasn’t even consciously aware of wearing, showed the presence of joy and cheerfulness and that the Yellow she wanted for her nails showed a feeling of optimism and clarity of mind. I then suggested to her to try wearing Red underwear during her period as a means of easing her symptoms of Anaemia and she gratefully agreed to do so.

Session 2 Client’s Review:
I will never ever see colour the same again! I feel more alive and beautiful and eager to learn more. I will be continuing my meditations and wearing my Red underwear and hopefully I’ll be able to have a follow up with Leanne in the near future.

Personal Reflections:
Even though my client walked through the door initially for a physical ailment, it was soon discovered that something was plaguing her on the emotional level. I used my observational skills as well as the art of listening to the said and unsaid. I used both the knowledge I acquired from my Colour Therapy studies as well as my intuition to guide me. Admittedly we were both scared and emotional at some points but both my client and I were happy and satisfied in the results we achieved in the short space of time that we worked together. Even though her initial goal may not have been met to rid herself of Anaemia, of which I still gave her steps of coping with, she was able to regain confidence in herself which will no doubt better her emotional health as she continues to practice her Chakra Balancing and Meditations.

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