Charging Crystals


Charging and Dedicating Stones and Crystals

The most important to remember when charging your stones and crystals is to clearly visualise your intent. See, in your mind, what you want; focus on your goal. Ideally you will use the same or a similar visualisation during the spell or ritual to reinforce your intent.

Hold the stone or crystal in your projective hand (the hand which you use to send out and direct energy) during the charging or hold your projective hand over the stones or crystals.
It may assist you to vocalise your intent or even write it down on a piece of paper and place the stone on top of it. If you have several stones to use in a spell or ritual, you can charge them together, even if they serve slightly different purposes. They will be united by the intent and goal in the spell or ritual.

It is also good to remember to consider your need; your goal with a spell or ritual can be general or specific. For example, focus on a specific need, such as earning more money or paying off a debt, rather than a general need for prosperity.

Using a visualisation where you can see yourself in the situation that you desire is also extremely influential. In some situations, such as seeking love, it is much ore useful to remain open and general.
Think about your intent and goal when charging your pieces sometimes it needs to be specific and at others more general. All purpose charging mantra:
Now I focus my intent, Hear me as my goal is sent.
I connect it to this stone
Making my true purpose known.
Let this tool now work with me
As I will so shall it be.
State your purpose for the ritual or spell and to dedicate it, add these lines:
With this mantra let all be told,
Let this dedication hold.

Other methods
Just as sounds and music can be used to clear energy, they can also be used to help with charging and dedicating. Play meaningful music when you are visualising your intent and you will come to associate it with the stones and crystals and your purpose. You can do the same with bells and singing bowls, and drums or any other instrument.
If you also work with essential oils, you could add a few drops to a carrier oil and apply it to your stones and crystals, taking care that the oil won’t damage them. Choose a scent that you associate with your purpose, and you will be reminded of your goal each time you smell that particular aroma.

Extract taken from Advanced Crystal Magic Course

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