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Bach Flower Remedies – How to use them

Case study for Bach Flower Remedies

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 Consultation to avoid possible surgery for Back Problem

This is a genuine case study showing  how to utilize and use bach flower remedies. Bach flowers are safe to use and many people use them for themselves and their families and pets.  If you are counsellor or healer then incorporating Bach flower remedies into your treatments is an invaluable tool to use.

Age: 40 +
About client: Client is a father and husband. He has 3 children. He works full time. He is the main breadwinner of his household. He has been in his current job for 14 years. Feels stuck and bored and not appreciated.
He has lower back pain and hip ache. His pain is causing scoliosis and he is leaning to the right.

Initial consultation:
This person is worrying about finances as he is responsible for the household. He is feeling unappreciated at work and is unhappy in his job. He has been unhappy for the past 3 years, gradually getting unhappier. Client is depressed (not clinically). Feels like he is “trapped”. He lacks enthusiasm. Can’t really find the words to describe his job. Hangs head low.
CLIENT used the word “frustrating” a lot during our chat.
CLIENT stated … “It is not about the money. It is about wanting more out of life. Having ambition.” He feels like he has more to give but isn’t appreciated where he is and the job isn’t going anywhere. He has reached the peak of his position but can’t see a way out……especially whilst he “looks” this way with his back leaning etc.

This client has come to see me because I work as a Naturopathic Healer and he is feeling out of balance and is feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. He has seen the GP about his back and was referred to a specialist. After various tests and an MRI, he was advised to have spinal surgery to shave the part of the spinal disc that protrudes and is causing the lean/scoliosis. CLIENT asked the back consultant/surgeon if it was possible to recover without surgery. The consultant advised that surgery would be a quick solution to the problem but he had known people to go down the “alternative” route who have also recovered from such ailments but it takes a much longer period of time (even years).
On reflection from the consultants visit, CLIENT has decided to try the natural route first.
As a naturopath, I use many different techniques to gain an understanding of the individual as a whole (mind body and soul).  I use Kinesiology and Spiritual Healing and Chakra balancing and Nutritional therapy and for this session I used Flower remedies (depending on the client’s needs) to help the individual regain balance and harmony.

During the initial consultation CLIENT filled out the relevant forms that I ask all clients to fill in before a session. These forms give me information about the client and also provide me with a signature of consent to treat.
I also took notes during our spoken consultation and throughout the session to keep a record of what was carried out during the healing session.

blending flower remedies

The Bach Flower Remedy Session:
After our initial consultation and knowing that the client felt ready and comfortable and safe; I asked CLIENT to remove his shoes only and lay on his back on the bench, so I could begin my session. He did this happily and was comfortable to lay on his back.
I began my session with kinesiology and by muscle testing CLIENT and by doing the relevant therapies to re balance his brain and spine so the body is centralised and realises it is being worked on and is ‘ready’ to move forward to the next stage in the therapy. Next I do more muscle tests by using my initiative and knowledge to find out which is the priority muscle that needs to be addressed first.
In kinesiology we work on the basis that the body likes to be fixed in a priority order. The priority for CLIENT today was the Sacrospinalis muscle. This is the long muscle that runs from the base of the skull all the way down to the top of the sacrum, either side of the spine.
In kinesiology, this muscle is also related to the Bladder and in Chinese medicine the Bladder is related to ‘fear’.
Firstly I used the muscle test as an indicator to test if the body required additional nutritional supplements to support his physical traumatic state. The test showed he needed Magnesium and Vitamin C. These would give the body a huge dose of antioxidants to encourage the body to self heal and would calm the stressed muscle.

Next, I wanted to look at what emotion was affecting my client.
Applying the 3 principles, I know to ignore the physical symptoms and to look at how the client is feeling now, thus treating what is visible.
Whilst continuing to talk to my client about his work situation, I selected:

Wild rose : from the “not enough interest in the present” section. To encourage vitality in those who are resigned to their lives.

White chestnut: To quiet distracting and repetitive thoughts.

Mimulus: From the ‘Fears’ section. Fear of known things. Worrying about something specific. Job.

Wild oat: Uncertainty section: Trying to find his path in life.

And the following remedies from the Despair/Loss of hope section

Willow: Helps prevent feeling sorry for oneself and guides towards kindness and big-heartedness.

Larch: Provides confidence in own abilities and not to fear failure and disappointment.

Oak: Provides strength and ability to continue on. Gives insight to take respite.

Crab apple: Assists in cleansing when there is a feeling of contamination.

Sweet chestnut: Provides hope in the deepest moments of despair.

A total of 9 remedies.

My next job was to eliminate any remedies that do not relate to the present moment, to bring the amount down to 6 or 7.

I was able to use my initiative but also able to use kinesiology as an indicator for what the clients body needs NOW and in priority. I did this my muscle testing the offending priority muscle against each selected Bach remedy. This is a good way of double checking that my initial instinct is correct. CLIENT needed the following:

White Chestnut (repetitive thoughts)
Mimulus (specific fear)
Willow (Sorry for self)
Larch (lack of confidence in self)
Oak(struggling on regardless. Giving strength)
Crab apple: (Feeling impure about body image/contaminating thoughts)

Now 6 Bach Flower remedies!

6 bach remedies

It was visible to see that these remedies were relevant because of the initial consultation and the body language and words used by the client when talking about how he feels about his current situation now.

It was discussed and decided that I would prepare a treatment bottle for him as his state of mind would appear to be more long term rather than a temporary mood.

I made the treatment by putting 2 drops of each of the selected remedies into the clean, sterile mixing bottle – and filled the bottle with still pure mineral water.
I recommended that he takes the blended remedy 4 times a day by putting 4 drops either straight on the tongue or by putting the 4 drops into water or fruit juice, tea, etc.
Whatever method is best for him – as long as he takes 4 drops, 4 times a day at evenly spaced intervals (eg: every 6 hours).
He was also advised to keep it in the fridge but if he felt at any time that he needed it with him (in his pocket etc) this is also ok.
CLIENT felt this was easy and convenient for him to do.

Once assured that the client was happy and grounded, we ended the session and made an appointment for a follow up session in 3 weeks time.
CLIENT is happy to take the remedy and also the supplements to support him during the time until our next session.
He has a very positive attitude and really wants this to work so he not only feels better and like himself again but also so he avoids surgery.

Session 2: Bach Flower consultation
11:30am – 12:30pm
At the follow up session CLIENT looked slightly brighter. He has taken the remedies every day as prescribed and although his back is still leaning; he is feeling physically looser and feeling more confident with his appearance and within himself generally. He says he has also slept better and is having less repetitive thoughts – however the worry about being stuck in his job is still present.

I decided to first retest the remedies that came up in the last session. I did this by muscle testing to indicate what is needed for the body now.
Out of the previous 6 remedies, the only one that came up again was Mimulus (fear).
This showed amazing progress!
In just 3 weeks my client was able to shift most of the offending emotions that were knocking him out of balance. He too was thrilled with this finding and did aclientit to ‘feeling different’.
I congratulated him on doing the homework and taking the remedies to help himself and now he can see the result of peeling back that first layer of the onion.
It was apparent to me as a Naturopath that his body (spine) is mimicking how he feels. He feels stuck in a job he doesn’t like and his back is also stuck.
It was also apparent that the Mimulus was still also relevant. Even though we have peeled back the first layer of the onion we still have fear and doubt at the next.
Putting the physical symptoms aside; I concentrated on how my client feels now at this moment – and selected relevant remedies to test, using my initiative.

Mimulus: Fear of something specific
Wild Oat: Trying to find path/uncertainty about true path
Gorse: Given up/see little hope/ pessimism
Cerato: Doubt own judgement/decisions
Scleranthus: Struggling to make decisions

These all tested positive. This means the client needs them and my initiative is correct.

I placed these new remedies into a new sterile bottle (like previously) and advised that my client takes 4 drops, 4 times a day (as before).
We talked about the remedies and matched his current emotions to situations in his life. He related well and talking about it also seemed to help him get clarity.

My client certainly felt the benefits of the Bach flower remedies within the first 3 weeks and was happy to take another uniquely selected remedy. He understood about, ‘peeling back the layers of the onion’ and he said he genuinely felt like a layer had been removed and he was less heavy.

It was brilliant to see such a visible emotional improvement and also a slight physical improvement. He no longer holds his head low with despair and his back pain is less and he has slightly more movement.
It was clear to see that this self help process was enabling CLIENT to peel away the energies that no longer served him, as he now begins to uncover his true self once again. He can now begin to see clearer to enable him to follow the path of his higher self rather than continuing to be led astray by the negative influences that surround him (particularly in his work place).

It is clear that the appropriate remedies have been selected to remove the negative state that was being expressed my CLIENT’s personality.

We will continue to move on to the next layer until we reach the underlying cause of this state of imbalance and he can see clearly where his true interests lie and hopefully he will have the confidence and belief so he can once again follow his true path and be true to himself and do what serves him best; such as move forward to a job that suits him and who he truly is…..and be whole, healthy and well!
I am very pleased with my clients quick and clear progress. He has done a brilliant job of self-helping himself and has even avoided surgery – thus proving Bachs theory that this system of treatment has the power to cure disease and it is simplicity, combined with it’s all healing effects, that is so wonderful and , that people can really take charge of their own healing!

CLIENT continued to see me for Naturopathic Healing every 3 weeks and slowly but surely he unveiled many layers of emotions and became physically and mentally stronger.

His last session with me was a few months later and he announced that he had been offered another job and was going to hand his notice in to his current job within the next few weeks.
This showed amazing progress in his development.
By being positive he has attracted positivity into his life.
From our first session; he was mentally and physically exhausted and very down about his current work situation. Now 5 sessions later ….he is back to being his true self and is calm, focused and balanced and has been able to make a clear decision about his future.

A brilliant outcome.

Completed by Luna Student studying Bach flower remedies and Advanced Level Bach Flower Diploma course

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