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Advanced Angel Therapy Consultation

Angel Therapy Case Studyfor stress with caring for an elderly relative

Completed by one of our students for the advanced angel therapy courseClient had contacted me regarding getting another treatment I asked her if she would be willing to try the angel therapy treatment and as agreed an appointment was made.

Before Clients Arrival
I arrived at my shop early to clear the energy.  I try to clear the energy out of my shop on a daily basis since I am open to the public I want to make sure that nothing but good energy remains in here and no residue or debris of anything  negative is allowed to remain in here.  I did call upon my angels to help me best serve my client to heal and help.

Consultation with Client
Client arrived on time and explained that she had been having a few personal issues with taking care of her ageing parent.  She fully understands that her Dad is just as frustrated but she wanted to get a treatment to help her keep her composure more calm and to not get as frustrated when he is uncooperative with taking his meds and or getting  him to his doctor appointments.  I had her fill out a treatment card,  she indicated that she would like to just feel better and to have more energy as she feels dealing with her parent zaps her often and mentally she gets fatigued quite quickly as she let me know he argues and puts out a lot of negativity that she feels is hanging around.   I did ask if she has brought up any of these issues with his doctors and she assured me that she had.  I try my best to make sure that clients are in good communication with their doctors.  I did take note that she does not like anything that smells of roses and want to clarify that at this time I am not using any type of essential oils to enhance the Angel Therapy but I do plan on adding that at a much later date.

Commencing Treatment
I had placed a chair in the middle of the room, I asked her to sit comfortably and to place both of her feet flat on the ground and I proceeded with a quick body scan to see if I could easily detect any blockages.  The throat felt very resistant and surprisingly she felt the resistance as well.  She then told me that she has basically been biting her tongue with both her parents and her kids as she feels like no one really listens to what she has to say.  I did take note of that and decided again to call upon her guardian angels to help heal her in this area, and I did start explaining to her that she has to basically ask for help.  To ask for relief so to speak of the stress that is often associated with taking care of a difficult parent.  She did take down some notes as she is taking the treatment very seriously, she is a Reiki client of mine so she knows that it can bring a lot of stress relief as well as help you with going in the right direction with certain situations.

Chakra Cleansing
I opted to do a complete chakra clearing first before doing a reiki treatment as I did feel some resistance as previously stated of the throat area. In the past I have used a small bamboo fan to clear out the chakras but wanted to use my hands and the drawing method I learned in the class material.  I started at her root chakra and worked my way up, clearing out anything that may be in there.  When I came to the throat, I did feel quite the resistance and I had to continue to work in this area for approximately 10 minutes before I felt comfortable that it was completely cleared and I continued up to the crown.  Since I wanted to make sure all was clear, I repeated this procedure and worked my way from the crown down to the root.

Reiki Healing
I then decided to do a full body Reiki treatment starting at the top and working my way down, when I reached her throat area I noticed once again a bit of resistance but not as much as when we first started.  I worked the throat area again until I felt it was clear of any debris and continued down to her feet and once again worked my way back up.  On the way back up I did not feel any resistance.  I asked her to straddle the chair so that I could so a complete treatment down the other side of her body, I felt no resistance whatsoever in any area and I proceeded down to her feet.  She then remarked that she felt quite a bit of energy shooting up both of her legs, I asked if it was uncomfortable she said no that it felt refreshing and if I could try and do it again.  So as she wished I went back down her legs and up.  I asked her to turn around in the chair as I wanted to give all of her chakras a good spin to make sure they are all functioning properly which did not take that much as they all seemed to be going , again the throat chakra felt like it was going but not as well as the others, spent time there and I was able to make it spin properly.  As always I wanted to seal the treatment so to speak, hand on the base of her neck and the base of her spine, shooting up white light energy thru her entire body.  She said she felt fantastic and refreshed.

Contacting the Angels
We did go over calling upon her guardian angels and how to call upon the archangels when she had a specific problem that she felt her guardian angels may need a little help with.  She was very fascinated with the whole process and is wanting to come and do it again in a couple of weeks to help keep herself aligned as we both agreed that can help her not feel so frustrated with her Dad.

Via Jennie Starkey
During the treatment I was very aware of the energy being generated. As she opened each Chakra, a feeling of spiritual energy followed in each area. The treatment did immediately give me an energy to get through the remainder of errands in town. After arriving home, I was exhausted (trouble sleeping at night). I went and laid down for an hour or so and awoke refreshed!! For me, waking up from a nap after being exhausted is never refreshing.

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